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Scholarships Charles Darwin University

This semester’s scholarship winners have been chosen. Stay tuned for the next round of scholarship offerings.

Thinking About Studying? Jacaranda Finance Could Help Foot The Bill

As a moneylender with a conscience, Jacaranda Finance believes in offering Australians the opportunity to apply for a personal loan regardless of their personal circumstances. We believe in the kind of customer service usually reserved for high-rollers, too.

So, to help us carve out the good customer service practices that consumers demand, weโ€™re building and deploying some smart technology to streamline our application and processing procedures.

To give back to our community and keep the FinTech sector striding ahead, we would like to sponsor an ambitious young person at Charles Darwin University who needs a helping hand to get ahead with their education at a higher level (University or TAFE).

We would like to offer a Charles Darwin student a scholarships to pay for University costs (to a cap of $5,000 per semester) for a forward-thinking student across any faculty.


How Do Jacaranda Finance’s Scholarships Work?

Essentially, we want to reward CDU students for their hard work in any field. We will provide $5,000 per semester to one lucky student for 12 months. This money can be used to help cover anything you like. Course costs, textbooks, research materials or any other relevant material or equipment that will assist you in your studies.


Who Can Apply For Jacaranda Finance Scholarships?

As the cherry on top, on completion of their studies, students may even be considered for an internship or possibly employment with Jacaranda Finance.

To qualify for one of our scholarships, you must be:

  • 18 years or older
  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident studying in Australia
  • Studying an undergraduate, graduate or masters degree

How Do I Apply For Scholarships With Jacaranda Finance?

Furthermore, we are also very strong supporters of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, South Sea Islander and Indigenous Australian applicants.

To explore these scholarships further, you are invited to apply using the form at the bottom of the page.ย  Please make sure that you provide as much information about yourself as possible. We would also like to hear why you think you deserve the scholarships as well as answering this statement.

  • Q. Tell us why your education at Charles Darwin University is important to you and how you want to apply your knowledge and perfected skills to affect positive change in the world.

Answer this statement however you please. Weโ€™ll be looking for inventive and compelling responses, so put your thinking caps on and get creative! We will review all applications and respond to applicants, notifying the successful party accordingly. Should you not hear back from us within 1 month, please consider your scholarship application unsuccessful.


What Documents Do I Need To Provide When Applying?

We wonโ€™t accept any application that does not provide the following documentation:

  • Valid CDU student ID (so we can verify your enrolment with your university)
  • Transcript of your most recent achievements/marks in your chosen field of study

How Do You Pick The Recipients Of The Scholarships?

So, the lucky CDU recipient of Jacaranda Finance scholarships will demonstrate:

  • A capacity to take initiative in relevant situations
  • Impeccable research and communication skills
  • The ability to be innovative, creative and forward-thinking
  • The ability to succinctly present information

The applicant of our scholarships who best demonstrates all of the above will be deemed the winner.


When Do Applications Close?

Applications for the Jacaranda Finance Scholarship close on the 21st of June, 2019.


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