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Loans from $2100 to $4600 require a car, motorbike, boat or caravan to be provided as security. If you cannot provide security, please apply for $2000 or less.


Bad Credit Loans

Living with Bad Credit History? Have you heard of bad credit loans?   If the mention of your credit history leaves you feeling unsure and anxious, you are not alone. Having Bad Credit should not mean you can’t get a Loan. Bad credit loans exist. Credit history is an important factor in any adult’s life, […]


Higher Education or University Scholarship

Want to study? Apply for a Jacaranda Finance scholarship and we could foot the bill. A moneylender with a conscience, Jacaranda Finance believes in offering everyone the opportunity to apply for a personal loan regardless of their personal circumstances. We believe in the kind of customer service usually reserved for high-rollers, too. To help us […]


The keys to spotting the small lenders that you can definitely trust.

Many small amount lenders who market themselves as the place to get cash on the spot simply don’t end up delivering when push comes to shove. Getting cash immediately when you need it most can make it tempting to choose one particular lender over another, based on what they promise you. However, like election pledges, […]


How to bounce back from bankruptcy.

The thought of bankruptcy makes most people shudder. Whether it’s putting you and your family at risk, losing your assets, or even having your ability to travel overseas threatened, bankruptcy has long-lasting impacts. The unfortunate truth is that it often makes people feel ashamed and isolated. The shame that shadows bankruptcy often leads people to […]


If you’re living on a tight budget, these tips are for you.

We can all feel the stretch when it comes to money once in awhile. Some months are simply better than others, based on our jobs, unexpected expenses, etc. But, the best thing you can do to stay afloat, and even ahead of the game, is to work out a budget for yourself, no matter how […]


Pokemon Go Tips Australia

Pokemon Go has swept the entire world into a frenzy of hunting, searching, and catching the most famous Pokemon monsters of all time. This interactive game has created a whole genre of Pokemon fanatics. Some people are just inquisitive and want to see what it’s all about while others become quite addicted to the game […]


How quick personal loans work at Jacaranda Finance.

Do you find yourself questioning how short term loans work? Sometimes, life can take us by surprise – an unexpected expense, emergency, or home repair we weren’t anticipating. Other times, we’re ready to take a big step, whether that means seeing the world or buying a new car. Do instant cash loans exist? How do short term […]


Why there’s a big need for small loans.

Via Small Loans Big Need. It’s no secret that small loans are often looked upon through cynical eyes. Due to a number of negative media reports and ASIC investigations about the product, many people consider the industry as irresponsible and not trustworthy. Rather than just telling you that Jacaranda Finance and the small loan industry […]


Getting a personal loan with bad credit

Sometimes life throws a curve ball when you least expect it. When that curve ball hits you in the wallet it can be tough to cope – especially if you’re a way off payday and have a bill to pay or need to buy something. To deal with life’s little surprises people are increasingly turning […]