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January 12, 20215 minute read
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Adelaideans love their little Southern city because of how beautiful and easygoing it is. Unlike more rowdy cities like Sydney and Perth, driving in Adelaide is a delightful affair; because the drivers are far more pleasant. It’s also a relatively easy city to navigate. If you’re a tourist planning to take a tour of Adelaide oval or the South Australian Museum, you’re unlikely to miss your way. While public transportation is cheap and readily accessible, there’s just something about making your way down Grand Junction road behind your own set of wheels. In this article, we’ll take you through the specifics of acquiring a car loan in Adelaide, so you can take the appropriate steps to own a personal vehicle.

How do I get a car loan in Adelaide?

Big city dwellers might consider Adelaide a small one, behind everyone else, but that’s far from reality. Similar to other famous places, Adelaide enjoys a booming economy full of several financial businesses and potential lenders to get a loan. Adelaideans by no means suffer a handicap when it comes to the options they have; there are more than enough competitive deals to choose from whether you want a brand new or used car.

On this page:

    So the first thing you need to do when looking for a great deal is to scout for a fair money lender. Many of the famous companies have websites so that you can locate them quickly on your phone. Please pay attention to the prices their offering, and other terms and conditions. We’ll talk more about how to spot the right car loan in the next section. When you find a favourable deal, you can contact the lender to get a quote and make sure everything is par. You don’t have to apply for only one loan, but you should shortlist the ones you’re interested in and send in your application within a short time frame. Following that route will avoid bringing down your credit score.

    Of course, you must pay attention to your credit file before even applying for any loan. Knowing your financial status puts you at an advantage, more so it allows you to fix any mistakes before the lenders have a look at it. Companies are more likely to favour people with excellent ratings, but if you have an awful score, you can still find a moneylender, albeit at a higher rate. Sometimes your problem may not be that you have a bad credit score. Perhaps you’re a student, a pensioner, or a freelancer that doesn’t earn a stable income. There’s no need for dismay; there are so many options in Adelaide; you’re bound to find one that offers you a good deal. But you might have to look a bit harder.

    How do I compare Adelaide car loans?

    As we mentioned earlier, we would get to how Adelaideans can spot the best vehicle loans. This section is crucial because knowing how to approach a situation is quite different from learning how to approach it well enough to get the best possible results. So here we go:

    Rates are everything: It’s crucial to know the actual cost of a loan before proceeding with your application. It makes sense for lenders to add some fees on your loan for the services they provide, but at the same time, these charges must also be sensible. Many people are familiar with the regular interest rate, but that’s only half the story. You have to consider your application, account keeping, and whatever other fees lenders conjure up as part of the equation. Hence, it’s more reliable to use the comparison rate to measure the actual value of a loan.

    One-time and ongoing charges: As we mentioned in the previous point, you must consider the fees attached to your loan. Some are one-time charges, i.e., you only pay them once, while others apply monthly. The application fee, which lenders require to consider your loan, and the establishment fee, which sets it up, are examples of one-time charges. On the other hand, ongoing expenses include management fees and the likes. Sometimes the value of these charges can outweigh the value of the car itself. In such instances, it’s best to opt for an alternative.

    The type of loan: Adelaidean financers offer different types of loans, and they each have their implications. If you decide to go with a secured loan, for example, if you default on your payments, the lender can legally seize the vehicle or any other collateral you attach to the car. Such loans are often a low risk to the lender and have lower rates than their counterpart, the unsecured loans.

    Will I be asked for anything?

    Now that you’re aware of how to get a loan and locate the best one, we can move on to what you need. There are a few documents you should prepare to present to your lender during your application.

    ID papers: We can’t understate how vital it is for lenders to identify who they are doing business with correctly, so you should have valid documents ready. Your driver’s license and international passport are acceptable forms of identification to have handy.

    Earnings and credit rating: Moneylenders have a bias for individuals that earn a steady income. They’re more likely to make their payments on time, and if you don’t fall into that category, they consider you high-risk. So you must prove that you have a steady source of funds or some other source of income. As we mentioned early, it’s advisable to prepare for a thorough credit history check because it gives lenders an idea of how trustworthy you are.

    Details about the car: The kind of car you want to get determines how much the lenders have to front you. If you apply for a car, your income cannot pay off in twenty years; your application is more likely to face rejection. A pre-approval loan can help you determine the right car lenders see fit when considering your request.

    To round off, getting a car loan in Adelaide is as easy as driving through the city, but you don’t have to do it alone. Some companies offer adequate customer service and can see through the process of the application.

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    Jacaranda Team
    Jacaranda Team

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