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Looking For Cheap Car Loans? Ask Jacaranda!

November 25, 2019 9 minute read
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Looking For Cheap Car Loans? Ask Jacaranda!

Affordable car finance

Have you been searching the web for a reliable cheap car loan lender finder? Well, you might have come to the right place. At Jacaranda, we are proud to be offering customers reliable loans. Although we don’t claim to offer cheap car loans, we can offer affordable car finance solutions. The Jacaranda team will do their best to offer you a car loan suited to your financial situation. We’ll do the comparing and get back to you with an outcome as soon as possible. Ultimately, Jacaranda takes the stress associated with applying for a car loan. Not convinced? Keep reading!

What Are Cheap Car Loans?

If you’ve been googling ‘cheap car loans for used cars’, ‘cheap car loans near me’ or ‘cheap car finance loans’ then let us clarify what Jacaranda offers. A cheap car loan is essentially just a car loan with low or no costs associated. At Jacaranda, we do not claim to offer cheap car loans. Ultimately, Jacaranda Finance is a responsible lender who offers convenience, simplistic and affordable finance options. Jacaranda offers car loans from $5,000 to $35,000 with a loan term of 1-5 years.  Although we cannot guarantee cheap car loans, we can guarantee our team will do their best to find you a compatible loan product for your personal financial circumstances. Above all, if you choose to apply during AEST business hours, our team will do their best to get back to you with an outcome in just 60 minutes.

Jacaranda Australia

Jacaranda Finance is a lender with a difference. We are the local lender that Aussies call on when they need a fair deal on a cheap car loan. We pride ourselves on providing a seamless online process. Our team won’t waste your time. We cut straight to the chase. When you submit an application for a cheap car loan our team will get straight to work assessing your application in order to give you a speedy outcome.

We believe in speedy service which means you could have an outcome in just 60 minutes (if you apply during AEST business hours). The best part is, you won’t even have to step foot outside your house. You could apply from the comfort of your own living room! Our 100% online application form could only take you a matter of minutes to complete. If your application is successful there is no pressure to accept an offer. After all, if you’re not happy with the affordable finance solution we offer you, you can just say no.

Jacaranda is proud to be a responsible lender. What does that mean? It means we will always do the right thing by our customers. The Jacaranda team will do their best to find you a car loan, however, you will never be approved for a loan that you cannot comfortably repay. It is important to remember that Jacaranda wants to see you on the right track to financial freedom. If you’ve got questions head over to our FAQ page or get in touch with the team. After all, we’re always here to help.

Cheap Car Loans For Pensioners

Are you a pensioner looking for a cheap car loan? Well, the good news is Jacaranda doesn’t discriminate when it comes to applicants receiving a pension. We can offer affordable car loans to people receiving a pension. As we mentioned, our team doesn’t claim to provide cheap car loans, but we can offer affordable finance solutions and guarantee that everyone will be given a fair assessment – pensioners and all.

Cheap Car Loans For Students

Have you been googling ‘cheap car loans’, ‘cheap car loans for used cars’ or ‘cheap car loans for students’? As we’ve mentioned, Jacaranda does not claim to offer cheap car loans, but can offer affordable finance solutions. Our car loans range from $5,000 to $35,000 and span over 1-5 years.

We understand that students are busy. Not many of us have time to spend searching the web for ‘cheap car loans near me’ or ‘cheap car finance loans.’ Fortunately, you’ve come to the perfect place.  An application with us could take you only a couple minutes to fill out. Then you could sit back and relax while we assess your application. In some cases, this could take as little as 60 minutes (if you apply during regular AEST business hours). That’s right! No paperwork, no queues, no worries. Apply with Jacaranda!

Cheap Car Loans For Bad Credit

If the phrase ‘credit score check’ sends you into a mad panic then you’ll love how Jacaranda approaches bad credit. Unlike traditional lenders, Jacaranda takes a fresh approach to lending. We won’t base our assessment solely off the result of a credit score check. The lenders that Jacaranda partners with will take a look at the whole picture. Factors like income, spending habits and pre-existing financial commitments will all play a part in determining whether or not you are eligible for a car loan. We do not claim that every applicant with bad credit will be approved for a car loan, however, we do guarantee that we will give every applicant a fair go when assessing their application.

Cheap Car Loans For Used Cars

Are you looking to purchase your first car? Maybe you’ve been saving for years and you’re in the market for a cheap car loan to get you over the line? Jacaranda makes it simpler than ever to get the cash you need for a used car loan. Jacaranda offers affordable car finance solutions. So if you’ve been saving for a car but don’t have all the funds up front right now, then we could offer a used car loan to get you behind the wheel quicker! Remember, we won’t judge you based on the fact you may be receiving Centrelink payments. Ultimately, we will do our best to match you with an appropriate loan product.

Cheap New Car Loans

Are you ready to upgrade from your pre-owned gem to a flashy, new car? Good for you! Jacaranda Finance is here to make this possible. Why struggle with saving for months, even years, on end. If you’ve found the perfect new car then turn to Jacaranda to provide you with an affordable car loan. The best part is, we’re 100% online. That means you won’t need to take time out of your busy day to locate a lender offering fast loans. Jacaranda’s streamline process means you won’t have to step foot outside your house to apply, and you get your cash the same day you apply! This is dependent on the time you apply.

What Are Secured Loans?

Any loan over $2001 that Jacaranda provides is secured. Which means the loan requires a collateral to be attached to it as security.

You can apply for a secured car loan from $5,000 to $35,000. Therefore, whether you’re applying for a new or used set of wheels, we have you covered. With our secured loans, you can use the vehicle you are buying as security for your loan. This is a type of insurance for the lender in case you’re not able to make the repayment. However, only as a last resort will Jacaranda repossess the vehicle. 

Check out our secured car loan calculator here

Who Is Eligible?

If Jacaranda sounds like your kind of lender then the good news is we like to keep our application criteria super simple. Here it is:

  • Must be over 18 years old
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a driver’s licence
  • Be receiving a regular work income into a personal bank account for the last 3-months

Get Started

If you’re ready to get cracking on a car loan it is important to remember that Jacaranda does not claim to find cheap car loans. We will, however, do our best to find you an affordable car finance solution. Here’s how you can apply right now:

Submit Your Application

Use our secured car loan calculator to select an amount you’d like to borrow and the repayment period. Hit ‘apply now’ and you’ll be directed to our 100% online application form. This could only take a matter of minutes to complete. When you’re finished, we’ll 

Assessing your application to determine if we feel a car loan is right for you.

We’ll Assess Your Application

Once you’ve submitted, our assessing team will get to work to see if we can offer you a suitable car loan. This could take as little as 60 minutes (If you apply during our regular business hours).

Sign Your Contract

If we approve you for a loan, we’ll send you an electronic agreement for you to review and sign. We recommend reading this carefully to make yourself aware of any fees and charges for late or missed payments. Once you’re happy, sign it and send it back to us.

Get Your Cash

Once we receive your signed agreement, a member of our team will transfer your cash. This can take as little as 60 seconds (if your bank is NPP enabled) 

*If you apply during business hours and we don’t require any additional information from you

**If your bank supports NPP transactions

Get riding with Jacaranda’s motorbike loans

Compare car insurance types. Figure out which one is best for you! 

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