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Loans from $2100 to $4600 require a car, motorbike, boat or caravan to be provided as security. If you cannot provide security, please apply for $2000 or less.

The keys to spotting the small lenders that you can definitely trust.

Many small amount lenders who market themselves as the place to get cash on the spot simply don’t end up delivering when push comes to shove.

Getting cash immediately when you need it most can make it tempting to choose one particular lender over another, based on what they promise you. However, like election pledges, not everything promised ends up happening!

It’s important to check out any lender you might want to deal with to ensure they’re true to their word.

At Jacaranda, we’re completely transparent and upfront with anyone who’s considering taking out a quick personal loan with us. While we could also easily say that we provide ‘cash-on-the-spot,’ it’s much more important for us to be open and honest with our customers.


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So, how does it take to get a loan from Jacaranda Finance?

That’s it – straight from the hip.

We believe that when it comes to borrowing money it’s really important to feel at ease with your lender.  You can only feel like that if you’re dealing with a lender who is trustworthy and transparent and who makes you feel special – which as a customer you certainly are.

So, cash on the spot can sound tempting and appealing – but be really careful about the fine-print.

Actions speak louder than words.