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Private School Vs Public School the pro’s and con’s

Private school Vs Public school which one is right for your family? Private School Vs Public school what you need to know! This topic has left many a parent with sleepless nights I’m sure! Is private schooling a better choice for your child or is the public school system just as good? What is right […]


Teaching kids about money isn’t hard, however here are some tips!

Teaching kids about money, when should you do it and why is it a good idea? Teaching kids about money management is an important part of their future relationship with money and can help change whether they grow to be good savers or spenders. Teaching kids about money can show them how setting goals and […]


Relationships and Money: It’s all about Knowing your stuff!

Have you been stung by a previous partner in regards to your finances? Want to make sure that doesn’t happen again? The only way to ensure that, is by becoming the financial King or Queen of your own castle and know your stuff! Money facts and bills can be a daunting subject if it’s new […]


Cheap holiday ideas! Here are some suggestions

Cheap holiday ideas can be few and far between when you are trying to book in a hurry so here are some ideas on how to tackle the holiday planning! Are you feeling overwhelmed and looking for some cheap holiday ideas to get away, but not sure where to start? Then stop stressing as we […]


Save water by being waterwise and save money on those water bills

How can you save water and money on your water and electricity bills? I’m guessing I’m not the only one noticing the ever increasing rise in water and electricity costs that has come both with climate change and the privatisation of our utility companies. So how do we stay on top of our bills and […]


Save money on everyday household expenses and reap the rewards

Simple ways to save money and get yourself financially fit! Wanting to save money but struggling to meet your budget? Here are some tips on how to save money! There are many easy ways to save money and quite often it can be as easy as changing afew habits and becoming more organised. Contemplate things […]


Get fit on a budget, get commando fit without breaking the bank!

You don’t need to spend exorbitant amounts of money on clothes and gym equipment to get fit! Jogging: Take a jog around your block or local park. Jogging outside can be a refreshing change to the old gym treadmill and will get those endorphins going. Not to mention the vitamin D. If your feeling competitive […]