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Why there’s a big need for small loans.

why people need small loans

Via Small Loans Big Need. It’s no secret that small loans are often looked upon through cynical eyes. Due to a number of negative media reports and ASIC investigations about the product, many people consider the industry as irresponsible and not trustworthy. Rather than just telling you that Jacaranda Finance and the small loan industry… Read more »

Getting a personal loan with bad credit

bad credit personal loans

Sometimes life throws a curve ball when you least expect it. When that curve ball hits you in the wallet it can be tough to cope – especially if you’re a way off payday and have a bill to pay or need to buy something. To deal with life’s little surprises people are increasingly turning… Read more »

5 ways a personal loan can help you

fast personal loan

Not all debt is bad debt. With the right advice, you can use personal loans to get ahead and improve your overall financial wellbeing. If you’ve never considered taking out a short-term personal loan, you might be surprised to find there are at least 5 ways they can benefit your financial situation and improve your standard of… Read more »

Bad credit personal loans

Money doesn’t come easily. And it sure doesn’t come any easier when you really need it. If you’re one of the many Australians who’ve found yourself in the bind of bad credit, you’ll know how hard it is to make ends meet during an unexpected financial emergency. Your battle might be an ongoing one, as… Read more »

Personal Loan on Centrelink benefits

Cash Advance

 Personal loan on Centrelink benefits? When you’re living on a low income, and financial emergencies arise, it can be really difficult to make ends meet. And while there are any number of fast cash loans available for those struggling with poor credit ratings—including payday loans and short-term personal loans—receiving government income benefits can make even… Read more »

Negotiating a pay rise

Negotiating a Pay Rise - Brisbane

Maybe your salary is falling behind market rates. Or maybe you’ve gone over and above your job description, and delivered quality work beyond your employer’s expectations for a very respectable amount of time. Either way, you’re starting to realise that you’re worth more than your remuneration reflects. But like so many people before you, you’re… Read more »

How to write an amazing resume that will get results

You already know what has to go on your resume. You’ve probably done it half a dozen times (though it might feel like a hundred). It’s some variation or other of the following: Contact details Career objectives/overview/summary or opening statement List of key skills and abilities Employment history and technical skills Personal attributes Educational history and… Read more »

Costs to consider when planning a holiday

It’s easy to blow out your holiday budget with sneaky extra financial costs that you didn’t plan for, particularly when travelling overseas. But there are a few simple ways you can cut back on costs, so you will end up with more spending money. Airfares & transportation Fortunately, air travel is very accessible these days,… Read more »

Paying off loans quicker than the loan term to save money

It might seem like a no-brainer: paying your loans off faster than the loan term can save you a substantial amount of money. But many people are reluctant to sink more cash into their debts than they have to, which is understandable, considering the rising cost of living, and the seemingly simultaneous decrease in disposable… Read more »

What is credit worthiness? Are you credit worthy?

Have you ever wondered what a finance provider such as ourselves looks for when we assess your application for one of our super quick personal loans? Several factors are considered to work out your creditworthiness to assure us you’re able to comfortably handle the debt. A break down of the main points of creditworthiness Credit… Read more »