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Debt Relief Made Easy With Jacaranda!

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Apply in less than 8 minutes

In need of some serious assistance when it comes to debt relief?

Have you been on the hunt for a lender who can give you some assistance with debt relief? Well, a consolidation loan from Jacaranda Finance could be what you’re looking for. We understand that debt can be extremely stressful. When you’ve got yourself into a sticky situation it may seem like there is no way out. However, there’s no need to stress, Jacaranda could have the answer. A member of our team could help you with credit debt relief today! So, what are you waiting for? You might be surprised, Jacaranda could provide you with a debt consolidation loan or a personal loan for bad credit!

Why Choose Jacaranda?

Why choose Jacaranda for debt relief? Well, we have helped hundreds of happy customers turn lots of little debts into one, easy to manage your payments with a consolidation loan. We are a lender with a difference. Jacaranda understands that when the bills are piling up there is no time to waste. That’s why our application process is 100% online. What does that mean? Well, everything from the application to the approval can be done in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a device and internet connection – you could even complete our application form on your smartphone! How convenient is that?

Gone are the days of waiting in long lines at the bank, and mountains of forms. We only deal with the information we really need. That means we won’t ask you to answer any unnecessary long-winded questions. Simple, quick and 100% online – that’s how we like it!

At Jacaranda, we understand that the world of personal loans can be confusing. Who can you trust? Well, our lending team is proud to be responsible lenders. What does that mean? Well, at Jacaranda, we will never lend you an amount of cash that we do not believe you can repay. That is why we take a realistic look at your financial circumstances during the loan application process.

What Is Debt Relief?

You might be asking yourself… ‘what can a lender do to help me with debt relief?’. Well, it’s simple. We could provide you with the means to combine all of your little debts into one regular payment. That means it’s super simple and easy to repay. A lot of the time, applicants struggle to remember when their repayments are due. This can result in a build-up of late payment fees – and that’s when things start to snowball.

Trustworthy lenders that can assist with debt relief loans are hard to come by. However, Jacaranda is proud to be 100% transparent. That means there’s no scams and no hidden fees and charges. We will be upfront with all possible fees and charges in your contract. So, there won’t be any nasty surprises.

At Jacaranda, our main focus is getting you the cash you need, when you need it. As soon as you submit an application online for a debt relief loan, our team will begin the assessment process*. We will do our best to get back to you within 60-minutes of application. That means you could have the cash you need on the same day**. So, when you’re looking for credit debt relief, why not let the team at Jacaranda see what we could do for you? Our team is always here to help. So, if you have any questions at all you can shoot us a message.

*If you apply during normal AEST business hours.

**This will depend on your individual personal and banking circumstances.

What Debt Relief Loans Do We Offer?

Credit card debt relief can be extremely difficult to get on top of – especially if late payment fees have started to pile up. But, Jacaranda could have the answer. We could offer you a small, medium or large consolidation loan.

Loan Type Secured Options Loan amount Loan term
Small Loan Unsecured $300 to $2,000 12 months
Medium Loan Secured $2,001 to $4,600 13 to 24 months
Large Loan Secured $5,000 to $10,000 13 to 24 months

Before You Apply…

It is extremely important to remember that the above information is only a guide and should, therefore, only be used as one. Every consolidation loan is different. It is important to look at the possible costs associated with each personal loan type before submitting an application. Fees and charges associated with late or failed payment may apply to your loan.

We strongly encourage all of our applicants to read over their agreement before signing. Jacaranda will always make the details of the contract extremely clear, however, it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure they understand what they are agreeing to. We are proud to be responsible lenders – so, we encourage you to ask as many questions as need be before entering into a contract. Our team is always here to help. So, you can shoot us a message and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Who Is Eligible To Apply?

Anyone, really! We like to keep our loan application process as simple as possible and the same goes for our application criteria. If you’re looking for a way to make your weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments simple and all in the one place then a debt relief loan from Jacaranda might be the way to go. If you can meet the following criteria then you are eligible to apply for a credit debt relief loan today…

  • You must have an active mobile number and email address;
  • Applicants must be over the age of 18;
  • A regular income must have been deposited into your own personal bank account for the last three months;
  • Applicants must have internet banking set up;

It’s as simple as that. You could even have an answer from a member of the Jacaranda lending team within 60-minutes of application. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let debt dictate your life! You could have the cash you need to get back on track sooner than you think. Our team is always here to help. So, if you’d like to chat further as to whether or not a consolidation loan is right for your individual circumstances, then we encourage you to get in touch!

What Will I Need With Me To Apply?

The truth is you won’t need a whole lot. We only ask for the basics during the application process. When you apply with Jacaranda Finance you can be guaranteed there will be no unnecessary questions or pages and pages of paperwork. The process is 100% online. You could even complete the application form within a few minutes. Having the following details handy will help you breeze through the application process…

  • Personal info (name, D.O.B etc.);
  • Your internet banking details;
  • All applicants will need to provide the reason you are applying for a loan;
  • Your MyGov details (if you receive Centrelink benefits);
  • Your employment details and employer contact info

Why Do We Need These Details?

That’s a question we get quite a bit. The answer is simple – we take a realistic look at your finances. The words bad credit probably strike fear into the hearts of many applicants. But, the good news is, at Jacaranda we look at more than just your credit rating. We can’t guarantee we won’t run a credit check – however, we focus on how you are planning on paying back the loan rather than dwelling on the past. We use your employment details to confirm you are indeed employed and receiving a regular income. There’s no need to stress about an employment check – our lending team is highly trained and experienced. You can be guaranteed we will never disclose any of your private information to your employer, nor will we inform them of the reason you are applying for a loan in the first place.

You might be asking yourself… ‘why does Jacaranda need my online banking details?’. Well, that is so we can access read-only copies of your bank statements. Before you panic – we don’t actually access your real bank account. We only look at the statements. Jacaranda uses the latest in safe banking technology to ensure your information is always encrypted. That means no one will ever be able to see your passwords or private information. Why do we need to look at your statements? Well, we look at your statements to get a better idea of our applicants spending habits and regular payments/deposits. This allows us an insight into your financial situation. After all, we prefer to look at more than just your credit score.

How To Apply…

If you’ve been busy googling ‘debt relief programs’, ‘credit card debt relief’ or ‘debt relief loans’ – stop what you’re doing. Why not apply for a consolidation loan with Jacaranda Finance right now? You could have the cash you need to get on top of your debts much sooner than you think. And, the good news is you can do it 100% online, wherever you are and whenever you like! Here’s how to apply…

Step 1: Apply online

Head up to the top of the page and use the loan calculator to select an amount and repayment period for your loan. You will then be able to see the weekly, fortnightly and monthly repayments on the loan. If you like what you see then hit ‘Apply Now’.

Step 2: Fill out the application

Once you’ve hit ‘Apply Now’ you’ll be directed to our super-quick application form. This should only take you a few minutes to complete. If you complete your application within normal business hours, a member of our team will begin the assessment. We will do our very best to get back to you within 60-minutes of application. If you apply outside normal business hours, we’ll get to it first thing in the morning. How fast is that?!

Step 3: Sign your agreement and get your cash!

If your application is successful, a member of our lending team will send across an agreement for you to read and sign. Once we receive the signed copy, our team will transfer the cash straight to your account. You could even have it on the same day – talk about convenience!*

*This will depend on your individual banking circumstances.

So, why not give us a go? You could have the cash you need to tackle your debts much sooner than you think!

Want to know more? Jacaranda has the low down on what to look for in a loan contract.

Let us tell you how you could get a direct loan, poor credit loan, title loan and how to tackle credit card debt!

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