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Fast Cash Loans with Bad Credit

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Apply in less than 8 minutes

Do you need a hand financially?

Have you found yourself in a situation where you suddenly need some spare cash, fast? Are you maybe planning on jetting off somewhere tropical over the summer holidays? Or, have you been hit with an unexpected utility bill that you need to pay ASAP? Are you worried that your credit score isn’t up to the standards of traditional lenders? It happens to the best of us. But the good news is that Jacaranda Finance can help you out. We can offer fast cash loans bad credit to see you sorted, fast!

Sound good? Want to know more? Grab a coffee, get comfy and read on, we’re about to give you the low down on fast cash loans bad credit!

What are fast cash loans bad credit?

Fast cash loans bad credit are small to medium personal loans designed for people who need a bit of spare cash, fast! They are loans from $300 up to $10,000 designed to help in a number of situations. They’re the loans for people who may not have a perfect credit history that traditional lenders demand before they consider offering you a loan. When you need a quick helping hand to cover an unexpected expense, fast cash loans bad credit could be the answer.

You’re probably wondering what exactly fast cash loans bad credit can be used for? Well, the good news is they can be used for a number of different reasons!

  • Utility bills
  • Car repairs
  • Registration
  • Holiday costs
  • Travel costs
  • Flights or accommodation
  • University fees
  • Education fees
  • Dental costs
  • Medical bills
  • Vehicle purchase
  • Renovation costs
  • Home repairs
  • Home upgrades

And many more reasons! This list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can use fast cash loans bad credit for! Didn’t see your reason? No worries! Submit an application and tell us why you need a loan. Let’s see if we can help you out!

Who can apply for fast cash loans bad credit?

Because we want to help out as many Australians as we possibly can, we’ve made our eligibility criteria simple and easy. If you meet the following four criteria, then you’re eligible to apply for our bad credit personal loans. Take a look:

  • Are you at least 18 years old?
  • Are you an Australian citizen or permanent resident?
  • Have you been receiving a regular income into a personal bank account for the last 90 days minimum?
  • Do you have an active email address and mobile number?

Do you meet these criteria? If you do, you’re eligible to submit an application with Jacaranda Finance! If you’d like to get an application started now, simply scroll up to the top of this page and hit the Apply Now button.

How do I apply for fast cash loans bad credit?

Our application process is as simple as our eligibility criteria. Read on to see how you can get your application completed and submitted in just a few minutes! No need to worry about taking up your entire afternoon on your application, our application is designed to be fast and seamless!

To begin

Once you know whether you qualify or not, just head to the top of any page on our website. From there, enter the amount you’d like to apply for into our handy loan calculator. Next, select the length of your repayment terms and click ‘Apply Now’.

We’ll now get you to fill out some contact and personal details, the reason for the loan, as well as your internet banking credentials so we can grab a read-only copy of your bank statements. We’ll also require your employment details and/or your MyGov account information if you receive Centrelink. Lastly, we’ll ask for a little information regarding your current financial commitments.

And that’s it! You don’t need to sift through pages of bank statements or other documents because we’ll do it all for you! Don’t worry about having to hunt down and photocopy paperwork either, we’ve got you covered. Hit the submit button, sit back and relax and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

And the final steps

Has your application been approved? Congratulations and welcome to the Jacaranda family! If you are approved, your loan contract will be emailed to you to have a good read over. If you’re happy with the loan terms you’ve been offered, go ahead and sign your digital contract and get it back to us. Once your contract has been signed, we’ll release your funds to you with the next round of banking.

Generally, we find that your funds should be available in your account by the following business day. Depending on who you bank with, they may even be available for you that evening! It all comes down to processing times and how fast your bank is. If you have any questions or worries about funds processing times feel free to give our friendly staff a call! They’re happy to help in any way they can.

How much do cash loans bad credit cost?

We have a few different options for our personal loans for bad credit. Whether you’re looking for a smaller loan or a larger loan, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at what we offer here:

Loan Type Secured Options Loan amount Loan term
Small Loan Unsecured $300 to $2,000 12 months
Medium Loan Secured $2,001 to $4,600 13 to 24 months
Large Loan Secured $5,000 to $10,000 13 to 24 months

*The maximum comparison rate is 48% per annum. This comparison rate is based on a large amount secured loan and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different comparison rate

If you do miss a repayment on your loan there may be additional fees that apply. To find out more about fees and charges for a secured car loan feel free to give our customer service team a call or pop an email in. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

What is bad credit?

Bad credit is one of those topics that everyone has heard about but not too many know what it is in detail. It conjures up images of irresponsible adults who have no idea how to handle their finances when in reality, that’s just not the case. More often than not, bad credit can be caused when you forget about paying a utility bill or you have a sudden change in your finances and aren’t able to make some of your repayments. In other words, bad credit can affect anyone when they least expect it. All it takes is a late repayment or two and your score can start to suffer.

There are a bunch of different things that can contribute to how your credit score is calculated. This includes repayment history, defaulted payments and debts, failed loans or utility bills and length of time you’ve had lines of credit open. Factors such as late repayments and failed loans will bring your score down while keeping up to date on repayments and not making too many credit enquiries can help to improve your score.

If you’re wondering what your score might be looking like, we recommend heading over to Experian, Equifax, Illion or the Tasmanian Collection Service for those in Tasmania and having a look at it for free! Knowledge really is power and knowing your credit score health can help you figure out ways to improve it. You also want to make sure it contains the correct information.

How can bad credit affect my application?

Having a bad credit history is not the end of the world when it comes to applying with Jacaranda Finance. We’re a lot more understanding than traditional lenders and we’re not going to instantly knock you back without a fair go. We get that not everyone is going to have a squeaky clean credit history. We also believe in giving all applicants a fair go. If you do have bad credit history why not submit an application and see if we can help you out?

Here at Jacaranda Finance, we’re pretty understanding. We know that life has a habit of throwing a curveball every now and then. And sometimes, that means our finances take a bit of a hit. We get this and we’re not going to judge you for it. Instead, we’re going to give you that second chance you deserve and do our best to help you out.

So, if you find yourself looking for bad credit loans Australia, give Jacaranda Finance a go. We may be able to help you out even if you don’t have the best credit history!

Do you conduct credit checks?

At Jacaranda Finance we do conduct credit checks. However, even though we don’t offer instant cash loans Australia no credit check, we may still be able to help. Credit checks may seem scary, but they don’t have to be!

While we will take your history into consideration, it’s not the only aspect that we’ll look at. This is where your bank statements are important. We’ll have a look at your current financial circumstances to see how you’re handling your money. If we can see that you’re successfully making your repayments and handling your finances well, we may be able to help you out, even with your previous bad credit history.

So, rather than despairing over having bad credit, remember there are lenders out there that are more understanding than traditional lenders when it comes to bad credit. Here at Jacaranda Finance, we pride ourselves on being one of the inclusive lenders.

How do I repay fast cash loans bad credit?

Repaying your fast cash loans bad credit has never been so easy! We’ve made sure our repayment system is as simple as our initial application process.

We’re all about making life a little bit easier. So, once you have reviewed and signed your contract we set up a direct debit repayment in line with your payday. This means that you don’t have to worry about remembering to make your repayment on time as it will come out automatically! All you have to do is make sure the funds are available on the day of your repayment (we line the repayment up with your payday to help out with this!). This direct debit will run for the duration of your loan term.

As soon as your fast cash loans bad credit has been successfully repaid your direct debit repayment will stop coming out of your account automatically. See, we told you it was easy!

If for any reason you’re having trouble making your repayments or something comes up and you know you’re going to be short on funds, get in touch with us. The more warning we have, the more we will be able to do in regards to amending your repayment for you. With at least 24 business hours notice we can work together to make suitable arrangements for your repayment.

The Jacaranda Finance difference

As an alternative lender, we’re pretty damn good at what we do. We will always try to go above and beyond to help our clients out. The difference is that we truly care.

So, if you’re looking for fast cash loans bad credit, apply with Jacaranda Finance. We’re here to help and with as little hassle as possible. We know how busy life can get so we’re all about quick applications and even faster outcomes. That’s the Jacaranda Finance difference.

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