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Do you find it easy to save your dollars during the week, but end up blowing all of it on weekend festivities? You may be in need of some weekend budgeting tips!

Whether it’s an expensive Saturday brunch, a big night on the town, or too many UberEats orders, costs can easily pile up on the weekend.

Below, we’ve put together six budgeting tips to help you save money on the weekend while still having fun on your days off.

6 Tips To Save Money On The Weekend

1. Create a weekend budget

Taking into account how much you roughly spend during the week, create a budget to factor in any costs you might spend on the weekend. If you know you have a friend’s birthday celebration coming up, factor these costs into your budget accordingly. This can help you track your spending, hold yourself accountable and, ultimately, save money.

2. Set a spending limit for nights out

It might seem like a great idea to buy a round of drinks for your friends at the time — until the alcohol wears off. According to an Eventbrite report:

The average event-goer splashes out more than $100 on a night out.

If you’re someone that splurges too much on a night out, consider setting up a spending limit for yourself. Whether it’s $50, $100, or $1,000, choose a maximum amount that suits your financial situation. A handy tip is to withdraw your budget amount from an ATM and leave your credit card at home to avoid any temptation.

3. Limit expensive meals

Let’s say you’re spending $40 at breakfast, $50 at lunch, and $80 at dinner. That’s $170 gone in one day — spend that over two days and you’ve spent nearly $350 on food alone.

Expensive meals, whether eating out or ordering in (especially given those hefty Ubereats delivery fees), can take a toll on your budget any day of the week. Try to minimise your expensive meals to just once a weekend.

Plus, you can hit up the grocery store and try to make some meals at home instead. If you’re no Masterchef, pasta is always an easy and delicious option.

4. Check out free activities

There are plenty of fun activities you can do for free on the weekend. You could check out the local museum, head into the city and people watch, or go on a hike to immerse yourself in nature. Even just going for a walk around your local neighbourhood can be fun, whether you’re alone or with a friend. Sometimes, getting back to basics can be great for the soul (and the wallet).

5. Avoid impulse buying

Strolling through a shopping centre or online shopping on your phone is all well and good, until you accidentally buy a $1,000 sweater you didn’t really need. Impulse shopping can be tempting (especially if that sweater feels like a cloud) but doing so every weekend can add up quickly.

Found an item that you immediately want to buy? Before you take out your credit card, consider asking the shopping assistant to hold it for you (or add to a wish list, if it’s online) and have a think about it. If you still find yourself wanting it after some time to think, you can factor it into your budget. Otherwise, it might be best to leave it for another time when it may be a more responsible purchase.

6. Stay in and watch TV

The weekend doesn’t have to involve lavish plans with expensive meals and activities. Why not spend a weekend on the couch, binging a Netflix series or rewatching the Harry Potter movies? Instead of spending money going to the cinemas, pick a movie or TV show on a streaming service you’re already paying for. Buy some popcorn and ice-cream from the grocery store and enjoy relaxing from the comfort of your own home.

What if I go over my weekend budget?

Sometimes life happens and you end up going over your weekend budget. To avoid stressing about this, consider setting up a savings account so that you’re prepared for any unexpected expenses. If this isn’t possible, weekend loans are available to help get you through your weekend without stressing about money.

Written by: Jacaranda team