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Get fit on a budget, get commando fit without breaking the bank!

get fit on budget

You don’t need to spend exorbitant amounts of money on clothes and gym equipment to get fit!


Take a jog around your block or local park. Jogging outside can be a refreshing change to the old gym treadmill and will get those endorphins going. Not to mention the vitamin D.

If your feeling competitive you could always time yourself and try and beat your previous time.

Join a Park Run group!

If you don’t like to get fit alone why not join a park run group and run with others. Check the Park Run website for locations and times near you and get fit with a club!

App it up!

There are a myriad of apps (some of them free) you can get these days from counting your steps and yoga to tracking your marathon! Check out the many apps available in the app store or on your android phone’s.

Check your local council website for free sessions in the park.

Most council’s run programs for free in Thai chi, yoga, running clubs and fitness session’s. Check out out links below for your local council site for timetables.


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Head down to your local pool (although it won’t be free it will probably be quite reasonable) and swim until your hearts content. Swimming uses most of the muscles in your body so is a great way to work out.

Join a gym

Many gym’s these day’s are offering very competitive cheap prices for memberships. First figure out what kind of membership you want and when you are most likely to visit the gym. Some members like to visit late at night after shift work because it is quiet while others may need to use the babysitting facility’s and need to go in the morning. Make sure you research the gym you choose before signing up and ensure it has as many facility’s as possible to maximise your membership value.

Also many gym’s are offering contract free memberships, which means you can pay month/week to week for your membership and cancel whenever you like. Now that’s handy!

Get fit at home

If the gym isn’t your thing then you can try getting fit at home! Jump onto youtube and find a workout you like. There is no need to be surprised by the personal trainer’s new routine when you can pick your own on youtube. Getting fit has never been so easy!

Get fit with the kids

It’s a great idea to teach fitness at an early age to your kids, that’s why exercising with your kids solves two problem’s at once. You will be teaching your kids life long healthy habits and exercising for yourself all at once.

How to get fit fast with food

The most widely accepted way to burn fat, is to increase the metabolism with a high protein, low carb diet.

Subcutaneous fat is the easiest fat to get rid of and it is highly responsive to physical activity. Have 6 meals a day, concentrate on quality foods instead of quantity.

Even when you sleep you can burn fat. Protein powders and a diet of 40% protein, 40% fat and 20% carb is the widely accepted plan to reduce fat and build muscles.

Weight training (resistance training) along with cardio is the way to go. You can download an app called “my fitness pal” to set your goals and  track your day to day nutrition intake.

The combo is proper diet, calorie deficit + adequate protein intake this will help you get fit fast!

In conclusion getting fit doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune, there are plenty of exercising options for those who want to save on costly memberships or sports fees. You just need to look around to find them or be inventive, find your own and get fit for life!