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Loans from $2100 to $4600 require a car, motorbike, boat or caravan to be provided as security. If you cannot provide security, please apply for $2000 or less.

The maximum you will be charged is a 20% Establishment Fee and a 4% Monthly Fee. Under the current legislation lenders do not charge an annual monthly interest rate for our Small Amount Credit Contracts. You may know this as Annual Percentage Rate or APR(%). Click here to see a worked example.

The Annual Percentage Rate for Secured Medium Loans is 48%. Comparison Rate is 66.0347% p.a. This comparison rate is based on a Medium Amount Credit Contract for an amount of $2,500 over 2 years and a $400 establishment fee. Fees and charges are payable. Click here to see a worked example.

No paperwork loans, no worries!

No paperwork loans are the ticket to a hassle-free loan – Apply Now!

When you think happiness and stress-free times, piles of paperwork probably don’t feature. Jacaranda Finance provides a 100% online no paperwork loans that save you the hassle of overwhelming paperwork!

Our no paperwork loans are 100% online, all you need to do is hit the apply now button on our website and fill in the 4-minute application and you’re on your way to solving your cash problems.

Once approved, which usually happens within 60 minutes we will release the money into your account instantly. Our application service is 100% online, it’s so easy you can apply in your pyjamas whilst you share your morning cuddles with your pet.

We do, however, perform credit checks on our loan applications as a part of our commitment to responsible lending, however, we are more lenient than many traditional lenders.

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What are no paperwork loans?

No paperwork loans speak for themselves! All Jacaranda Finance loans are paperwork free. In fact, you don’t have to leave the house or office or print a single sheet of paper.

No paperwork loans with Jacaranda Finance are offered from $300 to $4,600 over a 12- to 24-month term.

You can access our website from your desktop, laptop or mobile device. Once there, you can fill out our easy 4-minute application and you’re done! You can sit back for 60 minutes and update your Insta profile, whilst we look at your application.

After you’ve been approved, your funds will be transferred directly to your bank account within minutes!

Jacaranda Finance’s no paperwork loans are as easy as that.

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To be eligible to apply for a no paperwork loans?

There are a few minimum requirements to meet before applying for online loans without paperwork. Here’s a handy list to check before applying for no paperwork loans:

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How to apploy for no paperwork loans

Applying for no paperwork loans is fast and simple. We have designed an easily accessible loan application that only takes 4 minutes to complete. Without all-consuming paperwork, the Jacaranda Finance loan process is stress-free.

There are a few simple steps to follow to help you complete your no paperwork loans application:
Step one

Our no paperwork loan application simply takes 4 minutes to complete. Head to any page on our website to discover the convenience of our no paperwork loans calculator.

Our no paperwork loans calculator is located at the top of our Jacaranda Finance website page. To begin, simply, select your loan amount and length you wish and click ‘Apply Now’. From there, you’ll be taken to the no paperwork loans application, it that’s easy!

Step two

Next, we will assess your no paperwork loans application based on the details of your financial history, as well as your present finances. Following our responsible lending practices, we will consider your bank statements and spending habits to determine the outcome of your application.

Step three

We achieve our no paperwork status by utilising the latest in safe banking technology to obtain your bank statements and look at your spending habits. Take some time for you whilst we assess your application. Try dancing around your home, listening to your favourite jam!

Step four

Whilst your no paperwork loan is assessed, it’s important to remember we operate under the ethics of responsible lending. We would never lend money to clients who could not afford the repayments.

Step five

In 60 minutes we can assess your application and contact you regarding the outcome. A 60-minute return time may vary depending on the information that is supplied and how long it takes to verify it.

With all your no paperwork loan applications we aim to deliver a response quickly. We know you want a Yes or No answer promptly to prevent waiting for days, wondering if your no paperwork loan has been approved.

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What if I need short term loans no credit check no paperwork?

No problem! We pride ourselves on being lighting fast when it comes to cash loans no paperwork.

To boost your application speed, however, apply during business hours and you should get your approval within 60 minutes. Once you’re approved, you’ll receive your cash loan straight away! If you apply outside the designated business hours, our team will assess your application within two hours of the next business day.

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How much will no paperwork loans cost?

At Jacaranda Finance this is a common question, so we designed the right tools to help you decide what is right loan amount and terms for you. There are no hidden costs; no tiny asterisks!
To figure out your no paperwork loans, check out our handy no paperwork loans repayment calculator.

We offer no paperwork loans as medium secured personal loans or small personal loans. The loan amount ranges from $2, 001 and $4, 600. Our loan terms run from 13 months to 24 months.
We are upfront about all our fees and charges. Our costs include an annual personal rate of 48% and the comparison rate is 66.0347% P.A.

For more information about the allowable fees and charges for SACCs & MACCs visit the MoneySmart website.

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Our customer service promise

Our customer service reflects our vision to give every applicant a fair go. We have created safe space for customers to ask us anything! We are the loan experts and are here to help with any enquiries (No such thing as a stupid question).

Delivering quality customer service is important to us. We aim to service all your enquiries and needs to deliver the best quality product.

We have an expert team monitoring the Jacaranda Finance website and phones to answer any worries you may have. Visit us online now and let one our friendly staff help you solve your no paperwork loans problems.

Introducing our latest team member: Dani the bot!

Dani is the latest addition to the Jacaranda Finance team. She is a lady with everything going for her. She has smarts, intelligence and class. With Dani, we can service your needs quickly, without the hassle of human error. You may be thinking, why can’t I just talk to a human? Well, at Jacaranda we have both!

See here to discover more about Dani.

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Do we offer fast loans no credit check no paperwork?

Yes, we do! At Jacaranda Finance we want to give every applicant a fair go. We don’t let past financial mishaps reflect your current financial situation.

As a part of being a responsible lender, however, we do perform credit checks on our applications.

If you have had bad credit loans in the past, don’t let that stop you from applying for a loan with us.

We are, however, much more considerate than traditional lenders and banks and look at the overall picture of your financial situation when considering your loan application.

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Can I still get no paperwork loans whilst receiving Centrelink payments


Jacaranda Finance is happy to consider customers who are receiving Centrelink payments. If you are receiving a regular income into a personal bank account, you will be eligible for one of our no paperwork loans.

We try to assess most of the applications within 60 minutes during business hours.

Jacaranda Finance accepts almost all Centrelink payments, aside from Newstart and Youth Allowance. We do not accept these payments because we consider them to be a temporary source of income.

Here is a helpful list of Centrelink payments we accept:

So, don’t worry about mountains of paperwork, we can access your Centrelink statements through the latest safe bank technology. Apply now to fill out our quick 4-minute application, and we can set you up with fast online loans no paperwork.

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How to get an instant approval in Australia

Are you new to Australia and not sure how to get instant approval in Australia? Well, with Jacaranda finance it couldn’t be easier!

All you need is to be an Australian resident or have permanent residency and Jacaranda finance can have the cash advance loan amount (once approved) in your bank account within 60 minutes!

You just need to fill out the easy 4-minute application form online and if you have any questions or queries, our friendly customer service staff will be more than happy to help you.

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How our repayments work for you

Managing a tiresome loan application, bombard with paperwork and hidden fees, is thing of the past once you meet Jacaranda Finance. We have designed a convenient and automatic repayment process for you. We make your no paperwork loans by utilising the latest in safe banking technology.

Firstly, we set up a direct debit from your bank account on a specific day you nominate. Depending on your financial commitments, your repayments will be automatically withdrawn from your account each week or fortnight.

Once your loan is paid back in full your direct debits will automatically stop, it’s that simple.

Cash loans no paperwork is as easy as it’s sounds! Thanks to our direct debit system, we provide a convenient repayment process.

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How do I know if this is the right product for me?

Who is this product for? Those who are looking for a fast processing short-term loan
To be eligible to apply for a no paperwork loan?
  • Must be over 18 Years of age
  • A permanent Australian resident
  • Have a regular source of income for at least 3 months before applying
What repayment terms do you offer? Range from 1-12 months. Repayment terms will vary depending on each applicant’s financial situation.
Loan types available Fixed
Lender Jacaranda finance
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Paperless for your conveniene, good for the environment!

Our business is 100% online, so we are a massive saver on waste reduction. We help you save the forests with our paperless application process.

Our no paperwork loans are there to save YOU time, and at the same time, we can help save our TREES. Two for the price of one!

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So, Apply Now! What are you waiting for?

No need to photocopy all your bank statements or Centrelink statements, gone are the days of mountainous paperwork! We are 100% online, and that means managing your time and cash just got a whole lot easier.

Finally, if you are not happy with your application experience with Jacaranda Finance then you can withdraw your request at no cost whatsoever!

So, what are you waiting for? Start your partnership with Jacaranda Finance and get back onto the path of financial happiness. We are 100% online, 60 min approval, no fuss finance company. It only takes 4 minutes of your time, it would take you longer to order a coffee!

Example of how our small personal loans work

Loan amount

$300 minimum
$2,000 maximum


Up to 20% Establishment Fee charged upfront + monthly fee up to 4%

Under the current legislation Jacaranda Finance Pty Ltd does not charge an annual interest rate. You may know this as Annual Percentage Rate or APR(%).

In APR terms, the maximum annual percentage rate on our loans between $300 and $2000 is 199.43%.


weeks minumum
weeks maximum


Loan Amount of $1,000 over 50 weeks repayable weekly $1,000 (Principal Amount) + $200 (20% Establishment Fee) + $480 (fees based on 4% per month over 50 weeks) = $1,680 total repayable in 50 weekly installments of $33.60.

Example of how our medium secured personal loans work

Loan amount

$2,001 minimum
$4,600 maximum


Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 48% Comparison rate is 66.0347% p.a.

This comparison rate is based on a Jacaranda Secured Medium Loan for an amount of $2500 over 2 years and a $400 establishment fee. Fees and charges are payable.


months minumum
months maximum


Loan Amount of $3,000 over 18 months repayable weekly $3,000 (Principle Amount) + $400 (Establishment Fee) + $1,378.87 (other fees) = $4,840.14 total repayable over 18 months with weekly instalments of $61.27.

For more information about the allowable fees and charges for SACCs & MACCs visit the MoneySmart website.

What our clients say

No paperwork loans are the ticket to a hassle-free loan – Apply Now! Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5 based on 148 reviews.

Great easy application

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