Personal Loan


If you need access to extra funds, you could
get a top-up on an existing personal loan.

A Jacaranda top up

Sometimes you just need a little extra flexibility to help keep you going.
Whether you need to increase your renovation budget, go on a holiday, or
consolidate your debt, a Jacaranda top-up could help you out.

Get access to funds

A top-up is where you can borrow additional funds on top of your existing personal loan, subject to approval. At Jacaranda Finance, we offer a personal loan top-up to eligible customers who are in a strong financial position and have an excellent repayment history.


Build better rates

If our credit assessment team finds that your current financial position is strong and you have a solid repayment history with us, you may be eligible for additional funds at a better comparison rate. This applies to our personal loan product which is $5,000 or more.

How does a top up work?

Continue the journey at Jacaranda Finance with these steps below:

1. Log in to the customer portal

If you want to apply for a top-up on your Jacaranda personal loan, the fastest way to do this is simply to log in to the existing customer portal.

2. Submit your application

Just the same as when you applied for your current loan with us, you’ll need to submit a full application so we can review your current financial position.

3. Get an outcome on your top-up

Our credit assessment team will conduct an assessment of unsuitability. If we find that you are eligible for additional funds, we will send through a new loan contract for you to review and sign.

Get Started

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Common questions about top-ups

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