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No Money? No Problem. You Can Still Travel and See the World!

Jacaranda Team

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August 31, 2017โ— 4 minute readโ—
No Money? No Problem. You Can Still Travel and See the World!

Jacaranda Finance looks at how to travel with no money and still experience places you’re interested in. It can certainly be a challenge, but here are a few budgeting tips!

Firstly you need to make saving money for your trip a priority. This may mean saying no to those new gadgets or big nights out with friends. Put those savings into your travel account!

You donโ€™t have to become a hermit. Just entertain at home more often, or think of cheaper ways to enjoy life and save for that next trip.

Once you have made a commitment to saving you need to also think about ways you could earn money while you are overseas to keep your trip going or pay for the next leg of the journey.

How to travel with no money and still see the sites of the world

If you’re not intending to finance your entire trip from the get-go, there are plenty of jobs you can pick up as a traveller overseas, like:

  • Au pair
  • Bartender
  • Hostel worker
  • Waitress/waiter
  • Farmhand
  • Tour guide
  • Cruise ship worker
  • Seasonal work in a ski resort

You may also consider teaching English overseas. This can pay very well, more so in some countries than others, but researching where you are going will help you decide if itโ€™s for you or not.

To become an English teacher all you need is to be able to speak English fluently, and possibly a TEFL qualification depending on the country you are working in. Many countries in Asia will even pay for your flight over.

Flyby’s points

Another great tip on how to travel with minimal money is collecting flybyโ€™s points as much as possible.

Once you collect enough you can get free flights to your next destination. Paying for your weekly bills on your credit card can give you a certain amount of points that add up over a few months.

Keed your eye open for deals

Join airline mailing lists to keep on top of deals and specials they may be offering that you can take advantage of.

They will usually send out deals to their mailing list before anyone else, giving you the heads up straight away!

Think outside the box for accommodation and transport

Another tip on how to travel with no money or save money on accommodation and other costs is to think outside the box.

There are many alternatives these days to traditional hotel accommodation that are gaining popularity. These include, but are not limited to:

Airbnb โ€“ where people offer their home or a room in their home for a certain price, sometimes this includes breakfast or a tour and information about the local sites.

Vayable โ€“ is a website where you can find walking tours of just about everywhere! They vary in price but you canโ€™t beat a local showing you the sites.

BlaBlaCar โ€“ Is a French-born ridesharing site which has gone worldwide, where drivers can advertise their trip and travellers can book a seat. Users pay for fuel or a trip and everyone is fully identifiable within the marketplace.

Eatwith โ€“ Is a meal sharing site where you can pick whatever city you are in or travelling to, pay a nominated amount and book a seat at a table with a group of people for whom a chef cooks an amazing meal! You can book for 1 or many.


Another great tip on how to travel with no money is to try a walking tour!

Most tourist spots will offer free walking tours, ask the local tourist office or hostel for information on how to join one of these at your holiday destination.


House Sitting – Watching someoneโ€™s house while they go on their holiday can give you a (almost) free holiday! Or free accommodation, at the very least.

House Swap โ€“ Have a house you want to house swap? House swapping is becoming more popular with families and homeowners. You can save a lot of money on accommodation and have all the comforts of a home on your holiday!

Work on a farm โ€“ Working on a farm can get you free accommodation and possibly paid work to fund the rest of your trip.

Book ahead โ€“ Booking things like a rail ticket ahead of time can save you money, for instance buying a train ticket in Europe online can sometimes save you as much as 50%.

Tourist or City cards/discounts โ€“ Check if the city you are travelling to is offering tourist cards. These can help you get discounts or free access to major attractions or public transport. Some of these even come with free apps for the smartphone that give you information and locations of museums and attractions to visit.

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Jacaranda Team

Written by Jacaranda Team

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