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The 4 Best Stay-at-home Activities to Do With Your Housemates

Jacaranda Team

Written by - Jacaranda Team

May 6, 2020 4 minute read
The 4 Best Stay-at-home Activities to Do With Your Housemates

Keeping busy during lockdown

Have you been living in lockdown with your housemates for the past few weeks? Are you running out of things to do to keep everyone sane? Look no further for stay at-home-activities!

Living with your housemates during quarantine can be a fun or difficult experience. However, you still need to find engaging ways to connect with your housemates and help everyone stay distracted during a very difficult time, you know the global pandemic and all.

We’ve compiled a list of easy stay at home activities you can do during lockdown. More importantly, these four activities will not only help you stay distracted, but they may also help improve your mental well being. Take a look!

4 Best stay at home activities

1. Gardening

Being out in the sun has a clear positive impact on you and your mental health. There is a lot of research that dictates how beneficial it is to have your own garden.

Planting and taking care of a garden with your housemates is also a super fun bonding activity! It’s an opportunity for you to grow herbs, succulents, fruit and veg all in your backyard. Queensland Health wrote an amazing blog about the surprising benefits of gardening. It mentions that gardening teaches you about patience and growing your own food, especially if you’re a picky eater. It’s also a great way to stay distracted with your housemates and make your home a little bit special.

If you’re in Brisbane during winter, try growing coriander or mustard greens. They grow fairly well during winter and it’s definitely a good place to start if you have never done gardening before.

Many online retailers are still open and selling plants and gardening equipment. Check ‘em out!

2. Start a band!

Okay maybe you’re not ready for the entire commitment of starting a band but you can begin by learning an instrument. Learning to play a new instrument is known for increasing your intelligence.

When you play a musical instrument, certain parts of your brain are stimulated. You learn to pay attention to all the little details in every note while developing your memory and motor skills. Playing and learning an instrument is another great way to spend time with your housemates. You all get to bond over how terrible you are at playing music. Especially if it’s a drum set, that’ll surely make your neighbours love you!

Heaps of online retailers continue to sell specialised music equipment. Or you can even look at the Facebook marketplace to find some second-hand instruments.

3. Do a massive painting

Art therapy has shown to improve memory, reasoning, and resilience. Creating a massive painting that has everyone’s input is a fantastic way to stay distracted. It promotes creativity and is a great way to get your hands dirty and create a wonderful/terrible piece of art.

Try painting with different paints. Maybe use oil paints to create the ‘renaissance look’ or poster paints to mimic your terrible childhood art, whatever floats your boat!If you aren’t a fan of painting without any guidance, look for some ‘paint-by-numbers’ or online guided painting tutorials to help you create your masterpiece.

Online art retailers are still going strong. Check them out to grab some cool paints and canvases or some paint-by-number sheets.

cooking ingredients

4. Cook Together

Food, for centuries, has brought people together. Regardless of your personal preferences, cooking together brings people together! Other benefits include having a social aspect to something very routine and boring and accessing everyone else’s little tips and secrets to cooking a special meal.

You could take it a step ahead and maybe start a food blog together. Maybe even make a career out of it? Whatever keeps you distracted!

You can find great kitchen sets online. Do you live in a place with broken appliances? Maybe now is a great time to work together with your housemates to replace them!

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Jacaranda Team

Written by Jacaranda Team

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