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Borrow Money Now From Jacaranda Finance
Personal Loans up to $10,000

Money in your bank account and ready to use in 60 seconds once approved*(1)

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Apply in less than 8 minutes

What does “Borrow Money” mean?

To “Borrow Money” means that you will be given a sum of money that you will later repay. First, a lender gives you the funds. Next, you receive your paycheque from your employment. Finally, you pay back the funds that you have borrowed. It is a simple process when you borrow from Jacaranda Finance. Jacaranda could even provide loans for people with poor credit!

No hidden fees and easy repayments

Borrow money with peace of mind from Jacaranda Finance today. No hidden transaction fees.

Jacaranda loans range from $300 – $10,000 and the cost of borrowing will vary depending on your loan rating, loan amount and term. Go to the apply page to find out what your cost of borrowing may be.

Borrowing money sounds like an easy solution, but we all know it’s not as simple as that. When you need the funds to pay for something and don’t have the money readily available, you may start looking for ways to borrow. We understand that there is nothing more stressful than being pressed for funds and we don’t want to make things any more difficult for you.

Therefore, we’re here to help you out in those times of financial strain. In contrast to other lenders, Jacaranda makes applying for a loan as easy as it can possibly be. If it sounds appealing to you, we’ve written down everything you could possibly want to know about borrowing money with Jacaranda Finance. Check it out…

Borrow Money Now

When you borrow cash it means you’re going to get credit from a lender. That money needs to be paid back at a later date at a rate of interest. You are, in fact, assuming debt to the lender when you borrow from them. As the borrower it is your obligation to pay the money back to the lender – usually a financial institution such as a bank or an alternative lender, like us.

How can I borrow money fast?

The quickest way to borrow is to get it from an online lender such as Jacaranda Finance. Traditional lenders, like banks, often have a much longer application process where you have to physically go to a bank and apply. Whereas with online lenders all you have to do is fill out their simple application forms online and click submit!

How does the process work?

How to Borrow Money Online

When you borrow online, the application process happens in a few simple steps. Which look a little something like this:

  1. Step 1 – Fill out the online application form

    You can find this on our homepage, and it only takes a few minutes of your time to complete. It will ask you a few questions about your personal details, your reason for applying for a loan, and details about your employment and income source.

  2. Step 2 – Wait for an outcome of your application

    Once you have submitted your application with us, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We usually get back to you in under an hour, so that you’re not waiting around for ages stressing out about whether your application was approved or not.

  3. Step 3 – Accept your loan contract

    Once we have approved your loan application, we’ll send you a text extending you an offer for a loan. You simply need to read the terms and conditions and accept the loan contract. However, if you decide not to go ahead with the loan, you can reject the loan contract at this stage. If you’re not happy with the contract it’s always worth chatting to your lender. You may be able to change the loan amount, term or repayment frequency to make your loan more manageable.

  4. Step 4 – Receive your money

    This is the most exciting part of the process. As soon as you’ve accepted your loan contract, we’ll transfer your funds to you straight away. That means you could receive your funds the very same day that you apply. Especially if you are with Commonwealth Bank. However, if you don’t receive your funds the same day, you should receive your money the next day.

  5. Step 5 – Repay your loan

    Once you’ve received your funds, the next step is to start repaying your loan. You can do this by setting up a direct debit payment. That means your funds can come out of your account automatically, without you having to worry about making your payments manually. And if you want to pay your loan off early you can! Plus, we won’t charge you early exit fees. You can even apply for a loan the very next day after you have finished paying your existing loan.

With Jacaranda, you must meet our minimum lending requirements before we can approve you for a loan. The following is a list of the eligibility criteria:



👨👩 Be over 18 years of age
💸 Receive a regular income into a personal bank account
🦘 Be an Australian citizen, or have permanent residency
📱 Have a direct contact number

What supporting information is required as part of the application?

Along with your application, we will require a bit of information from you, to assess your application. The following is a list of things we’ll need from you:

  • Proof of ID – we usually ask for 100 points of ID as the most secure way of verifying your income
  • Internet banking logins – this is so we can usually the latest financial software to look at your recent financial transactions
  • MyGov login details – this is so that we can verify your Centrelink income (you can skip this step if you don’t receive any Centrelink benefits)
  • Contact details include your mobile phone number and email address

If you are borrowing a medium secured loan, we ask you to provide us with some information about your vehicle, so that we can make a valuation of the cost of your vehicle. The following is a list of some of the info we need:

  • The make and model of the vehicle
  • The year of manufacture
  • The car registration number

Why do people borrow money?

There are a variety of reasons people need to borrow. Firstly, it’s often to do with the fact that people need to pay for an expense that cropped up out of the blue. Sometimes it’s to pay for a much-needed item, that cannot otherwise be purchased with existing funds. Here is a list of some of the reasons people choose to borrow in the first place.

    • To pay for car regoDepending on the size of your car, rego can cost between a few hundred up to a thousand dollars. You can have the option to pay for car rego, every 12 months or every 6 months.
    • Pay for a household furniture or appliancesSince your home is the place where you spend a big part of your time, you want to make sure it’s decked out with all the necessities. Though often these can be big purchases, and something that loans can help to pay for.
    • Finance a holiday or travel plansThey say that it’s always important to have something to look forward to. That’s why it’s great to have holidays planned. Some people borrow to fund these holidays in advance and pay off the loan as their trip draws nearer.
    • Fund wedding costsAnother reason people borrow is to help make their special day a reality. Since weddings can be very expensive, you can borrow to help fund your special day, or perhaps even to pay for the honeymoon.
    • Pay for car repairsIf your car gets damaged it may be very expensive to cover the costs of repair. To get your car back on the road again you may want to consider borrowing money.

How much money can I borrow with Jacaranda?

With Jacaranda, you can borrow from $300 to $2,000 with our small personal loans. These types of loans are unsecured, which means they don’t need to be tied to an asset as security for the loan. In addition, you can borrow between $2,100 to $4,600 with our medium secured personal loans. Lastly, you can take out a large secured personal loan starting from $5,000 to $10,000!

Can I borrow cash against a vehicle?

With our medium secured personal loans, and large secured loans, you can borrow a loan from $2,100 up to $10,000 secured against your vehicle. When you borrow secured against your vehicle, it means the vehicle is an asset that can get repossessed in the event that you can’t repay your loan. It provides security for the lender. For more details you can check out the MoneySmart website

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How much does it cost to borrow cash in the form of a secured loan?

With Jacaranda, our secured loans cost an establishment fee of $400 plus annual fees of 48%. There are also penalty fees for direct debit dishonours. However, in the event that you feel you are unable to make a payment due to something unexpected, just contact us and let us know.

How much does it cost to borrow unsecured loans with Jacaranda?

With Jacaranda, our smaller loans are unsecured. You can borrow up to $2000 which can be repaid over a period of 12 months. These loans cost an establishment fee of 20% the loan amount. There are also additional fees of 4% per month for the duration of the loan term as well as a penalty fee of $35 for any direct debit dishonours.

What questions should you ask yourself before borrowing money?

Before taking the plunge and deciding to borrow, there are a few questions to ask yourself before committing to a loan contract:

How much do you need to borrow?

It’s a good idea to do a thorough cost calculation before deciding to borrow. This is to ensure that you are borrowing enough to pay for the thing you need the loan for.

What do you need the loan for?

Having a clear purpose is important for several reasons. The first reason is to do with your loan application. This is because when you are filling out the loan form you’ll be asked to provide a reason for borrowing the loan. Secondly, it’s a good idea to have a clear purpose for your loan. Otherwise, if you are just borrowing money in order to get by with your daily expenses, then you are more likely to get yourself into a dangerous debt situation.

What is the loan term?

The length of time over which you must repay the loan will have an impact on the loan period that you choose. The longer your loan term is the more you will have to pay in monthly fees. Therefore you may want to consider getting a shorter loan contract if you want to minimize the number of fees you have to pay.

Can you pay your loan off early?

Does your loan contract give you the option to pay your loan off early if you want to? This may be an important consideration. Some lenders charge early exit fees if you want to pay your loan off early. However, with Jacaranda Finance we allow you to pay off your loan early without charging you early exit fees.

What if I miss a payment?

Even though you plan not to miss any payments, if something happens out of the blue the affects your income stream, you may want to consider how this will affect your ability to make the repayments on time. Therefore it is always important to keep the worst-case scenario in mind since missed payments will cost a direct debit dishonour fee of $35 per missed payment. Nevertheless, if you do find yourself in a situation where you are unable to make a repayment, give us a call as soon as possible and we can try and sort out a solution that works for both parties.

In summary, if you are looking to borrow, you have come to the right place. At Jacaranda Finance, our loan options are there to help you out in whatever situation you need us for. Our application process is quick, easy and 100% online. So what are you waiting for? If you need to borrow cash apply now!

Simple ways you can pay your loan off early

As mentioned above, you won’t be charged any early exit fees if you decide to pay off your loan early. Paying off your loan early is very beneficial to your finances as you’ll end up saving money on your repayments and interest. We’re more than happy for you to save money by paying off your loan early, which is why we won’t charge you any early exit fees. Additionally, apart from saving money from repayments and interest, you’ll most certainly release any financial pressure. By paying down your debt, you’re showing your lenders you are capable of taking on financial responsibility and as a result, boost your credit score. Here are 5 simple ways you can pay off your loan early:

  1. Change your repayment schedule. One method that can help you ease into the transition of paying your loan off early is changing your repayment schedule. If you’re making your payments monthly, consider contacting us and changing it to fortnightly. You’ll essentially end up making 26 semi-payments a year rather than 12, which can shorten your loan term. 
  2. Round up your repayments. Rather than paying your current amount, consider rounding up. By rounding up even to the nearest $50, you’ll significantly shorten your loan term. However, only round up your repayment if it sits well with your budget and you believe you’ll be comfortable with making the remainder of the repayments on time. 
  3. Make a large payment. If you’ve just received your tax return or a salary bonus, consider paying a fraction to your loan. Making one large lump sum every year on your loan payments can save you months of repayments and interest and can help you significantly decrease the loan term.
  4. Paying the remainder. This option isn’t everyone’s first option, however, it’s possibly the best way to get out of your loan early. You can simply contact us and make one large sum payment to pay off your loan, without incurring any early exit fees.

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