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Wondering What A Guaranteed Loan Really Means? Jacaranda Has Done The Research For You!

Wondering What A Guaranteed Loan Really Means? Jacaranda Has Done The Research For You!

Searching for guaranteed approval loans?

Have you been searching the web for guaranteed loans? Maybe you’ve been googling ‘guaranteed loan approval’ or ‘cash loan guaranteed approval’. You can rest easy, Jacaranda has done the research for you.

At Jacaranda, we don’t claim to provide guaranteed loans. We do our best to provide our applicants with the best possible chance at a personal loan. We believe that all Aussies deserve a fair go when it comes to finance.

So, when life throws you a curveball, let Jacaranda lend a helping hand. The best part is Jacaranda is 100% online. That means you can apply anywhere and at any time. Jacaranda is always in your back pocket – you could even submit an application on your smartphone!

What We’re All About

So, who are we? Jacaranda Finance is the trusted name in online lending. Our team strives to make the lending process as simple as possible. We won’t ask you to provide pages and pages of unnecessary documents – we only deal with the essentials. At Jacaranda, we don’t claim to provide guaranteed loans. We are proud to be a responsible lender. That means we will always conduct a thorough assessment on every loan that passes across our desks. Our team wants to see you on the road to financial freedom – not in more debt – this is why we do not claim to guarantee approval on any loan application.

At Jacaranda, we are here to make your life easier. Our team works for you. We are down to earth and realistic with our assessment process. If you’re unsure as to whether or not you could be eligible, our team recommends you go ahead and apply! The best part is the application is 100% free. There is no fee for an assessment on your loan application and we do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Our team will usually be able to provide an outcome on a loan application within 60-minutes**. Talk about speed and convenience!

What Are Guaranteed Loans?

So, are you wondering what is a guaranteed loan? Have you been looking to get a guaranteed loan? Many online lenders may claim to provide personal loans that are ‘guaranteed’, basically meaning that when you submit an application, approval is guaranteed. Our team encourages consumers to be wary of such promises.

Our rule of thumb – ‘if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!’ At Jacaranda, we don’t make false promises. Our team will not promise you approval on a loan because, unfortunately, the truth is not everyone is eligible. Jacaranda is proud to be a responsible lender, that means we will never lend money to applicants who do not have the means of repayment.

Guaranteed loan approval often does not fall under the Code of Responsible Lending to which we hold our standards. Although we can not guarantee approval on a loan, we can guarantee you a fair go. Our team does their best to match you with an appropriate loan product. If you apply within AEST business hours, we could even have an outcome for you in 60-minutes**.

Why Trust Us?

Wondering why Jacaranda Finance should be your first choice in online lending? Well, that’s simple! We are your local lender. Our team understands that sometimes we all need a leg up. Our borrowing process is simple and easy – all you really need is a few spare minutes. The online application form could only take you a couple of minutes to complete and you could have an outcome in just 60-minutes**.

If you’ve been googling ‘cash loan guaranteed approval’, ‘get a guaranteed loan’, or ‘guaranteed instant loans’ we recommend you stop where you are. At Jacaranda, we do not guarantee approval on any personal loan application, however, we do our best to match you with a loan product that is right for your financial circumstances.

Online lenders who claim to provide guaranteed loans often do not have the consumers best interest at heart. At Jacaranda, we will do what is right for you. Our team works hard to set you on the road to financial health and wellbeing!

Who Can Apply?

Like what you’ve heard? We bet you’re wondering who is eligible to apply? At Jacaranda, we keep the application criteria pretty simple. Here’s what you’ll need to say ‘yes’ to:

  • Are you 18 years old or over?
  • Do you have provable, consistent income for the past 90 days?
  • Have you got a valid telephone number?
  • Do you have a valid email address?


There’s no need to stress, we won’t ask you to provide a whole heap of unnecessary documentation. At Jacaranda, we prefer to cut straight to the chase. Our team does their best to conduct an assessment on your loan application as quickly as possible. Here’s what you’ll need to have handy:

  • Copies of payslips;
  • Copies of bills;
  • A form of identification;
  • Your employers contact details;
  • Online banking details.

Online Banking Details

At Jacaranda Finance, we strive to give you the best chance at approval on a personal loan. Our team will use your online banking details to access read-only copies of your bank statements. Why do we need your bank statements? Bank statements give us a better idea of your spending habits, income and pre-existing financial commitments, this gives our team an insight into whether or not you will have the means to pay off a personal loan.

There is no need to stress, our team will never actually view your real bank account. We use the latest in safe banking technology. That means your information is always encrypted – no one will ever see your passwords or personal information. Our team is here to help. So, if you have any questions at all feel free to get in touch!

Employment Checks

Wondering whether Jacaranda will conduct an employment check when you apply for a personal loan? In most cases, our team will get in contact with your employer to conduct a routine employment check. Our commitment to responsible lending means we will make sure you have the means to repay a personal loan before approval takes place.

There is no need to stress about an employment check, our team is highly experienced. We will always be courteous and professional when we get in touch with your workplace. Your privacy is our priority. That means none of your personal information or the reason why you are applying for a loan will ever be disclosed. Get in touch with our team if you have any queries or concerns.

How Do We Look At Poor Credit?

At Jacaranda, we are revolutionising the way we look at credit. If a bad credit score has held you back in the past, that is about to change! Our team can look beyond your credit history in order to find a compatible loan product. What does that mean? Well, don’t get us wrong, we will conduct a credit check – however, our team will look at a whole range of factors before making a decision. Your spending habits, employment status and income all play an important role in the assessment process for loan approval. We want to know how you are actually going to pay back the loan – after all, that is the most important part!

So, if you’ve been googling ‘guaranteed loan approval no credit check’ then it is important to remember that Jacaranda does conduct credit checks when assessing loan applications. Although we do our best to find every applicant a suitable loan product, our team can not make any guarantees.

How Much Will A Personal Loan Cost?

Due to the fact that every individual financial circumstance is different, Jacaranda can not make predictions as to what a personal loan might cost you. However, the contributing factors include:

  • How much you borrow;
  • How long you need to pay it back;
  • Your personal circumstances;
  • The interest rate on the loan.

If you would like to get a better idea of what your loan could cost we suggest using our online loan calculator. You could scroll up right now. All you will need to do is enter your desired loan amount and repayment period to get an idea of what repayments might look like.

Instant Banking

Wondering what instant banking is and what it could mean for you? Jacaranda Finance is proud to introduce funds to your bank account in 60-seconds*. Our team has integrated new technology into our smart loan processing system, so we can transfer your funds almost instantly. As long as your bank is compatible, you could have cash in your account lightning fast.

Instant banking is just another way Jacaranda is making it easier for you to get the cash you need when you need it. We don’t think a personal loan should be complicated. So, if you’ve been considering an application, what are you waiting for? You could have an outcome from our team in just 60-minutes** and, if successful, the cash in your account in just 60-seconds*. Talk about fast, convenient and hassle-free cash!

Our Customers

At Jacaranda, our customers are our top priority – after all, without them, there is no us! Our team does their best to provide the best possible assistance and support to our customers at all times. We get it – sometimes you just need a fair go to get back on your feet. That’s why we have made the loan application process easier than ever. No more waiting days and days for approval. You could have an answer from us in just 60-minutes**. If you’re approved, we will do our best to get the cash to you in 60-seconds*.

We care about the financial future of our customers. Basically, the Jacaranda team doesn’t want to get you into debt, we want to set you on the road to financial freedom. We do not claim to provide guaranteed loans. Jacaranda Finance takes responsible lending very seriously. We will never lend you an amount of money that we do not believe you will be able to repay. Our team is always here to help. We want to make the process as streamlined as possible. So, do not hesitate to get in touch!

Apply Today!

Why wait? You could scroll up right now and apply for a hassle-free personal loan. Apply for the fast personal loan you need in four simple steps:

Step 1: Apply Online

Scroll up and use our loan calculator to select your desired loan amount and repayment period. When you’re happy, just click ‘apply now’.

Step 2: Complete the Application

If you’ve chosen to proceed with an application you will be directed to our 100% online application form. This could only take you a matter of minutes to complete. Once you have submitted your form, our team will start assessing.

Step 3: We’ll Assess You

If you’ve chosen to apply within AEST business hours, the Jacaranda team will assess your loan application and do their best to get back to you with a response in 60-minutes**.

Step 4: Get your Cash

If your loan application has been successful we will notify you. Our team will do their best to get the cash to you ASAP. If your bank is compatible, instant lending could allow us to have the money in your account in just 60-seconds*.

Ready to Apply?

Then, just scroll up and use our loan calculator to design your own loan in minutes! We don’t claim to provide guaranteed loans, but we will always give everyone a fair assessment.

If you have any questions during your application, please contact our customer service team at

*If your bank account supports NPP transactions

*If you apply during business hours and we don’t require any additional information from you

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