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We Offer Personal Loans For Pensioners When It Counts

We Offer Personal Loans For Pensioners When It Counts

Are you a pensioner and need some extra cash?

Are you a pensioner looking for a reliable lender to provide a personal loan? At Jacaranda Finance we won’t say no just because you are receiving Centrelink or Government benefits. Finding an unsecured personal loan for pensioners can be a tricky process. At Jacaranda, our team is doing their best to give all Aussies a fair go. We can’t guarantee approval for every application, however, we can guarantee a fair assessment. Our team will do their best to look at all the factors contributing to your loan application. Want to know more? Keep reading.

What Are Personal Loans For Pensioners?

To put it simply, personal loans for pensioners are basically just regular personal loans. The only real difference is that the applicants are receiving government assistance as a part of their income. In most cases, traditional lenders will not look twice at your application for a personal loan if you are receiving a pension – however, at Jacaranda, we look at things a little differently to give every Aussie a fair go.

Our team will take into account what percentage of your income comes from your pension as well as your employment status, other income and current financial commitments. At Jacaranda, we access loans to give all Aussies the fair go they deserve.

About Us

So, who are we at Jacaranda Finance? Jacaranda is the trusted name in online lending. We are your local lender ready to assist when life gets tricky. Our team is down to earth and realistic. We’ve all been there, an unexpected bill pops up at the worst possible time and your struggling to find the cash. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be like that. We understand that sometimes we all need a leg up.

That’s why we won’t say a straight ‘no’ to personal loans for pensioners. Our team will conduct a thorough and fair assessment and get back to you with an outcome. We are all about speed – so, if you choose to apply in AEST business hours, you could even have an outcome in 60-minutes*. We’ll do our best to match you with a loan product that is right for your individual circumstances.

The best part is, Jacaranda is 100% online. That means you won’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home to submit an application. It couldn’t be simpler, all you really is a few minutes of your time, you can apply on the go or from the comfort of your living room. Our team is here to help you – so, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Secured Personal Loans For Pensioners

Not sure what the difference between secured and unsecured loans is? Let’s make is simple. A secured loan is a personal loan that is essentially insured by a piece of collateral. Collateral can be in the form of a car, motorbike, caravan or boat. Secured loans are usually larger amounts of cash, this is why collateral is required.

Wondering if you’ll still be able to drive your car while it is being used as collateral? The answer is yes. Jacaranda will not hold your collateral whilst it is being used against a loan. You can still drive it around. The only case in which your collateral will be taken from you is as a last resort to a repeatedly defaulted loan. If you own an item that can be used as collateral, a secured loan can be a great way to obtain larger amounts of cash.

Have you been asking yourself ‘is there a such thing as secured personal loans for pensioners?’ The answer to that question is simple – yes there are, however, it will always depend on your individual circumstances. If you’d like to know whether or not you could be eligible, our team recommends you simply submit an application. It is 100% free to do so and we could even have an outcome for you in 60 minutes (if you apply In AEST business hours).

Unsecured Personal Loans For Pensioners

Looking for a smaller amount of cash? Maybe you’ve been googling ‘small personal loans for pensioners’ or ‘low interest personal loans for pensioners’, the good news is Jacaranda could provide pensioners with unsecured personal loans. What is an unsecured personal loan? Basically, unsecured just means you have no collateral as insurance against the loan. Usually this is just because the amount of cash being borrowed is smaller.

In terms of unsecured loans for pensioners, each individual situation is assessed to determine approval. It is important to remember that Jacaranda will do their best to find you a compatible loan product, but we do not make any guarantees. We do guarantee, however, that your application will be carefully assessed and every endeavour will be made at approval. If you’re unsure, our team recommends you simply submit an application – it’s free! So, what have you got to lose?

Am I eligible to apply?

So, if you’ve decided you’re ready to submit an application you’re probably wondering about the application criteria. The good news is, at Jacaranda we like to keep it as simple as possible.

  • Are you 18 years old or over?
  • Do you have provable, consistent income for the past 90 days?
  • Have you got a valid telephone number?
  • Do you have a valid email address?

If you can say ‘yes’ to these few questions then you could scroll up and submit an application right now! If you apply during AEST business hours, a member of our team will do their best to get back to you in 60-minutes*.

What documentation do I need?

So, what documents will you need to provide us with in your application? At Jacaranda, we prefer to deal with the basics. That means we won’t ask you to provide pages and pages of unnecessary documentation. So, here’s what you’ll need handy:

  • Copies of payslips;
  • Copies of bills;
  • Your employers contact details;
  • Your myGov details;
  • Online banking details.

Our 100% online application form could only take you a few minutes to complete if you have these documents on hand! So, skip the ugly red tape and opt for the easiest application you’ll ever complete.

Do We Conduct Employment Checks?

Yes, at Jacaranda Finance we do conduct employment checks. Therefore, as a part of our commitment to responsible lending, our team will get in touch with your workplace to verify employment. There is no need to stress, this is just routine. Our team is highly experienced and professional when it comes to employment checks. We will never disclose any of your personal details or the reason why you are applying for a personal loan. Your privacy is our priority! Remember, our team is here to help, so get in touch if you have any questions.

So, Why Do We Ask For Your Online Banking Details?

At Jacaranda, we like to take a realistic approach to loan approval. Our team will use your online banking details to get a better idea of your current financial situation. Don’t worry, we won’t actually access your real bank account. We view read-only copies of your bank statements to clarify things like income, spending habits and existing financial commitments. Jacaranda uses the latest in safe banking technology to ensure your information is always encrypted- that means no one will ever see your passwords or personal information.

How Do We Look At Credit?

This is a good question. If you’re looking to submit an application for a personal loan for pensioners then you’ll be pleased to know that Jacaranda takes a realistic approach to credit. We will conduct a credit check, however, that is not all our team will look at. Maybe you’ve been googling ‘personal loans for pensioners with bad credit’? At Jacaranda, we’ll take a look at more than just your credit score. We want to know how you are going to repay the loan. A variety of different factors will be taken into account. These include:

  • Your income;
  • Spending habits;
  • Financial commitments;
  • Employment status;
  • Existing financial commitments.

So, if you’ve been thinking about submitting an application, there is nothing holding you back. Our team will do their best to look past your credit score and focus on how you are going to repay the loan.

What About Low Interest Personal Loans For Pensioners?

Have you been looking for a low interest loan for pensioners? At Jacaranda, we do not claim to provide low interest loans for pensioners, however, we can guarantee you a fair and reasonable interest rate on a personal loan.

Due to the fact that every financial situation is different, Jacaranda can not explicitly detail interest rates. If you would like to find out what the repayments could be on a personal loan for pensioners then you could simply scroll up and use our loan calculator. If you input your desired loan amount and repayment period the calculator will give you an estimated repayment. You can always get in touch with our team if you would like to know more!

Our Customers

At Jacaranda, our customers are our priority. Our team aims to provide the best possible customer service at all times. We are here to make the process easier. That means you can get in touch at any time and our team will do their best to assist you.

At Jacaranda, we put our customers first. After all, without you, there is no us! We are committed to setting our clients on the road to financial freedom. What does that mean? Basically, we practice responsible lending and will never commit a client to more than they can repay. If you’re looking to apply for a personal loan for pensioners there are a number of different factors our team will need to take into consideration. We can not guarantee approval for every applicant, however, we can guarantee our assessment team will do the right thing about you.

Ready To Apply?

So, ready to start a personal loan for pensioners application? The application process couldn’t be any easier! Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Apply Online

To get started simply scroll up and enter your desired loan amount and repayment period. So, once you’re happy, just click ‘apply now’.

Step 2: Complete The Application

If you’ve chosen to proceed you will be directed to our 100% online application form. This could only take you a matter of minutes to complete. If you’ve chosen to apply within AEST business hours you could even have an outcome in 60-minutes*.

Step 3: Review And Sign Your Agreement

If you’re application was successful a member of our team will be in touch. We’ll send over a contract for you to review and sign. The Jacaranda team recommends you read over your agreement and get in touch with any questions or queries you might have. Therefore, when you’re happy just sign and send it back.

Step 4: Get Your Cash!

Once we receive your signed contract, we’ll transfer the funds straight to your account. Instant banking now means that you could have the cash in your account in 60-seconds** (if your bank is compatible).

Got Questions?

If you’ve got more questions, our team has the answers! So, just head over to our FAQ page or make an online enquiry and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

*If you apply during business hours and we don’t require any additional information from you

**If your bank supports NPP transactions

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