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Pokemon Go Tips Australia

pokemon go tips australia

Pokemon Go has swept the entire world into a frenzy of hunting, searching, and catching the most famous Pokemon monsters of all time.

This interactive game has created a whole genre of Pokemon fanatics.

Some people are just inquisitive and want to see what it’s all about while others become quite addicted to the game and spend a great deal of their time playing it.

No matter where you may fall on the spectrum, take these tips in mind when you’re playing the game, and you’ll likely enjoy the experience even more.

  • Make hunting a group activity: Pokemon in any given area can be caught by more than one person – they’ll show up for everyone, so there’s no competition involved in that sense between you and your friends. Making hunting a social activity can be half the fun, and you’ll have a better chance of spotting more monsters when you have more people involved.
pokemon go tips australia

Think about getting a group together. Image via Facebook.

  • Seek out different terrain: different Pokemon tend to like different environments, and while you’re obviously going to discover a more concentrated selection of monsters in a populated city, don’t be afraid to go exploring your own neighbourhood. You may have a few rare Pokemon in your own backyard that isn’t as common in a crowded city.
  • Make the most of your purchases: Whether you’re trying to hatch an egg, get more Poke balls or have more lucky eggs in your arsenal, Pokemon Go allows you to make purchases. Unfortunately, that can sometimes mean using up a lot of data, and a lot of additional spending added to your phone bill each month.

Don’t let the game’s potential money hikes keep you from playing!

If your phone bill is high, a Jacaranda personal loan will help to pay it off, so you can get back to exploring and catching all the Pokemon you can get your hands on.