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Private School Vs Public School the pro’s and con’s

Private School Vs Public School

Private school Vs Public school which one is right for your family?

Private School Vs Public school what you need to know!

This topic has left many a parent with sleepless nights I’m sure! Is private schooling a better choice for your child or is the public school system just as good?

What is right for your child’s needs?

Firstly you need to ask yourself a few questions to help you narrow down your choices.

Private school vs public school what are the differences between the two?

Private or independent schools are usually owned and operated by individuals or entities.

Public schools are run through the Australian government. There is really not much difference between the two in this instance.

Public schools are required to follow specific guidelines and curriculum whereas private schools have more freedom and only have to reach a certain standard of the curriculum.

Private Schools

Public Schools

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What do the experts say when it comes to Private schools vs public schools?

A study at the University of Queensland by Professor Luke Connelly and Dr Hong Son Nghiem has found that:

Has more impact on a child than if they went to a public or private school.

Studies in the US and the UK have found similar outcomes.

“Our results show that sending children to Catholic or other independent schools has no significant effect” – Professor Connelly.

They found that low birth weight decreased children’s test scores the most followed by increased work hours of the mother.

Children whose parents had both finished year 12 had significantly increased test scores.

However another overriding factor was how many books the family had in their house. This apparently rates directly to the child’s learning through kindergarten and beyond.


Most private schools will set you back over $10,000 a year with Catholic Schools being a little bit cheaper for primary schools.

However most public schools only charge a few hundred dollars worth of fees per year, which is a significant savings.

Most will argue that the children receive so much more opportunities at a private school.

However if you were saving on school fees to the tune of $10,000 you would be able to put your child into as many tutorials and after school sport/activities as you wanted.

In conclusion private school vs public school is one better than the other?

Deciding on the right direction for your child can be a stressful experience and you may still be left with doubt once you have made your decision but hopefully we have helped you think about some of the myths and truths around whether private school vs public school is a better education or not.

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