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Most Popular Home Renovations Of 2021

Rachel Horan

Rachel Horan

June 23, 20214 minute read
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Have you purchased a home with the intention of renovating it? If you’re a renovation newbie, you might not even know where to start. Should you focus on renovating your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom? How much will it cost, and how long will it take?

In this renovations guide, we discuss the most popular home renovations in Australia, how much they are likely to cost, and more.

Which renovations are the most popular?

To give you an idea of what other Aussie renovators are prioritising, these are the most popular renovations according to The Blue Space.

  1. 35% of people are planning to renovate their kitchen;
  2. 33% of people are planning to renovate a bathroom;
  3. 26% of people are planning to renovate their bedroom;
  4. 25% are planning to renovate their living room;
  5. 25% are planning to renovate their alfresco area.

How much will it cost to renovate?

Renovations can be highly expensive. Whether you’re just renovating one room or your entire home, it will likely come with a hefty price tag.

According to Westpac research, on average, Australians are planning to spend $82,000 on renovations.

If you are looking for an idea of how much you might expect to spend on some specific renovations, let’s dive into Australian renovation costs and estimated timeframes.

Kitchen renovations

If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen, the most popular renovation destination, you might be unsure of what is a reasonable estimate of your costs. Of course, it will depend on the scale of your renovations, the type of material you will be using, and whether any structural changes are required. However, data revealed that other Aussies planned to spend an average of $25,000 on kitchen improvements.

According to Cliq Studios, the average, medium-sized kitchen remodel will cost anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000.

Kitchen remodeling can take anywhere from two weeks or nine weeks, depending on what you’ll be doing. For example, resurfacing or replacing benchtops can be a big job, as well as new features like hot plates, ovens, or anything else.

Bathroom renovations

On average, of the people planning to renovate their bathrooms in 2021, people are planning to spend $18,000. Again, it will depend on the scale of your renovations.

Exclusive Bathrooms gave an estimate of bathroom costs:

  • $20,000 to $27,000 for a small bathroom with basic renovations;
  • $25,000 to $30,000 for a large bathroom with higher quality renovations;
  • $35,000 or more for premium bathroom work.

Typically, a bathroom renovation can take anywhere from one to three weeks. Since there will likely be plumbing and electrical work involved, it’s likely to take longer than some other renovations.

Bedroom renovations

No matter your budget, bedroom renovations can be a great little project. Whether it’s just a new paint job or a full-scale renovation, you could expect to pay anywhere from $2,000 to $80,000, according to Refresh Renovations.

For a small-scale bedroom renovation breakdown, check out the example below:

  • Professional paint job: $300 to $500;
  • Fake vinyl flooring: $400 to $600;
  • Window dressings: $60;
  • Furniture: $600+.

Renovating a master bedroom generally doesn’t take longer than a week, but it will vary on the type of work being done. For example, laying down flooring or painting will take longer than hanging window dressings and furniture placement.

Living room renovations

To renovate a living room, you might expect to pay anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 or more, depending on the size of your living room. Other factors, like whether you’re doing the work yourself, hiring a professional stylist, painter, or electrician, can influence the amount you pay. However, since it’s such an important space to lounge around, it’s a great area to spruce up.

Renovating a living room should take no longer than one week, but if you’re painting the room yourself, it could take slightly longer. It all depends on how much or how little you’re changing.

Alfresco renovations

Lastly, alfresco area renovations are another popular renovation project for many Aussies. Typically, alfresco renovations are pretty expensive, ranging from $40,000 all the way to $90,000.


Important note!

Alfresco areas that are up high, have a closed roof, exceed height or distance regulations, or are attached to a house could require planning permission and/or a building permit.

Alfresco renovations can take a week or two, depending on the scale of the renovations.

Renovation trends

If you’re interested in learning more about renovations, we’ve collated some more interesting trends for you:

  • 89% of people believe that renovating is good for increasing the value of their home;
  • 45% of people are renovating to refresh an old or outdated room;
  • 38% are renovating to add value to their home;
  • 27% of Australians were inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic to renovate;
  • 25% are renovating for changing home needs brought on by the pandemic;
  • 23% are renovating in preparation for selling at a later date;
  • 11% have a growing family and need to renovate to accommodate this.

According to the Australian Broker, here are some renovation trends by state:

  • Homeowners in NSW, ACT, Western Australia, and Victoria are most likely to be considering renovating their homes in the next five years;
  • People in NSW and ACT are planning to spend the most on their renovations ($93,427, on average) whereas people in Western Australia are planning to spend the least ($41, 458);
  • Queenslanders are more than twice as likely to consider renovations important for the sale of their home than Victorians and South Australians;
  • 70% of Victorians are likely to be considering alterations to make life easier during COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns.

Still want to learn more? We’ll let you know why now is the time to renovate. If you’re planning a move soon, we’ve got you covered for all the costs and expenses you might face.

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Rachel Horan
Rachel Horan

Written by Rachel Horan

Rachel Horan is a Content Writer for Jacaranda Finance. Rachel has previously produced content for Brisbane City Council, Black & White Cabs, and Clubs Queensland. She has a Bachelor of Mass Communication with Distinction from the Queensland University of Technology.

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