Save water by being waterwise and save money on those water bills

"Save water by being waterwise and save money on those water bills"

How can you save water and money on your water and electricity bills?

I’m guessing I’m not the only one noticing the ever increasing rise in water and electricity costs that has come both with climate change and the privatisation of our utility companies.

So how do we stay on top of our bills and save water and money on our water and electricity bills?

Here are some tips on how to save water at home:

It doesn’t have to be a major time consumer when trying to save water at home, there are a few really easy things we can do to save water around the house.

  • Install water saving tap wear.
  • Install a dual flush toilet, this way you can use the half flush.
  • Use a timer in the shower and try to keep showers to a minimum time shorter showers save water.
  • Always turn off the tap completely after you wash your hands or brush your teeth, this will help save water that would otherwise just go down the sink.
  • Use rainwater tanks for your toilets, laundry and outside taps this ensures you are save water and recycling water from your roof to the rest of your house.


Dripping taps can add up to a large amount of your water bill blowing out, so ensure you regularly check all your taps are in working order and leak free and save water.


Recycling water and managing your usage can help you save water and money on your bills.

  • Not turning your dishwasher or washing machine on unless it is full can help you save water.
  • Install a water tank, this way you can use the water from your roof to water your gardens and save water that comes from the main supply for other uses like drinking and washing dishes etc.
  • Watering your garden in the afternoon or early in the morning will reduce the amount of water evaporated and allow time to soak in before the sun soaks it up, thus helping save water on the amount you need for your garden.
  • Install a water meter, this will give you an indication of how much water you are using and if you can save water.
  • Choose water efficient whitegoods, as they won’t use as much water as others and some washing machines heat their own water, which will save you on electricity as well.

Front loader washing machines are known for being more water efficient.

This is because the front loaders use a sideways tumbling system, the water comes in from all sides whereas a top loader only has water entering from the top.

  • Use your grey waste for watering your garden.
  • Fill a jug for cold water and keep it in the fridge to avoid having to run the water while you wait for it to get cold.

Rainwater tanks

Rainwater tanks capture water from your roof and can be used for your toilets, outdoor taps and washing machine.

Rainwater tanks are very advanced these days and can come in slimline systems so that they can fit in most housing situations. They are a great way to save water without much effort at all!

How to save electricity:

One of the easiest ways to reduce your electricity bill is to ensure you turn off your appliances at the wall when you are not using them.

  • Assess whether you need all of your appliances or not, do you really need that second fridge plugged in all of the time?
  • Can you use the clothesline more often than the dryer?
  • Turn off the lights when you leave the room and go to bed.
  • Turn off your electric blankets when you go to bed or just wear an extra jumper and socks to bed on a cold night instead.
  • Compare your energy bill to other offers from other electricity providers and shop around for a better deal regularly.

Solar Panels save electricity!

How much do solar panels save on electricity bills?

Australia is one of the leaders in household solar panel installations.

Solar panels harness the sun’s rays and turn it into energy, sunlight (or Photons) is absorbed by the solar panels on your roof.

The metal strips on the solar panels convert the sunlight into electricity.

This then needs to be converted into usable electricity and is done so by an inverter.

This energy is then used to power your appliances making your house more energy efficient and helping you to save electricity.

Therefore making a few small changes can make a massive difference to your water and save on your electricity bills without much effort.

So it’s time to start looking at how you can change your habits and save water and electricity around your home.

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