Technology Has Taken Over The World – and Is It A Bad Thing?

"Technology Has Taken Over The World

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It’s no understatement when we say that technology is intertwined with every facet of our lives. In our work, home and social lives – it can sometimes seem that nothing can be done without the help of technology. Some of us love it, but if blockbuster movies are anything to go by, behind all the excitement, lucks a subtle distrust of machines.

A Glitchy Relationship

We think it’s safe to say that the relationship between technology and humanity has lived through a few glitches. So, if you’re living in constant fear that a bunch of robots are going to roll into your place of work and kick your hard-working behind to the curb, don’t worry, you’re not alone. A survey conducted in the USA in October 2017 found that 70% of participants were worried about machines taking over human roles.

Whilst Silicon Valley professors welcome the 4th Industrial Revolution, a time of the digitisation and interconnectivity of all things, there are many humans scared to their core of a Terminator-style disaster or of their place in the world once automation and digitalisation have been implemented in their workplace.

Sure, technology is enabling humans to do more with less, to be more innovative and, of course, helping free up time for invention and clever, creative thinking. That sounds grand! But what about the effect it’s having on communication, human interaction, and overall health and safety? Is it positive or negative? Or just a bit of both? Let’s find out!

Trolls, terror and poop-emojis

First on the agenda is communication, and technology has transformed meetups at local pubs into a quick Snapchat or message before scrolling through feeds for the funniest memes of the day. Social media ushered in a new era in communication, where we contact an old friend we haven’t seen in years, within minutes. Instant communication has created a brand new world that exists entirely online.

In 2019, your social life is in your pocket, accessible with the touch of the button. Not only are we communicating more online, but we also orchestrate real-life meetups via online communication.

Of course, phones mean more than snapping the cute dog you spotted on your morning run, they also give way to instant connection to the internet – an open book of infinite streams of information. However, despite the abundance of information and connections at your fingertips, creatures like trolls and ex’s live there too. Now your ex may be easy to avoid, but we all know trolls infest the comments section of the all latest headlines. And a picture of your ex will pop up every now and again.

But like any new terrain, we can face new problems armed with information and preparation. So, to tackle the seemingly frightening landscape of the internet, know how to identify trolls and then simply ignore them, and maybe just unfollow your ex.

However, we know even with all the tools in the world, the internet finds a way to change the game, producing new rules books on the daily. So, keep your ear to the ground and stay alert when travelling in uncharted waters. And of course, enjoy catching up with friends, talking to long-distance relatives and all the other wonders of the internet.

AI vs Humans

There is no point denying it, robots are coming to the job market, but don’t grab the pitchforks just yet. Throughout history, there have been technological advances that have reshaped the job economy. The next technological advance to shake the job market is artificial intelligence (AI). AI is predicted to affect workers that perform routine tasks. However, just because jobs and workers are displaced, doesn’t mean they won’t find another role in the job economy.

Historically, we can look at the integration of the computer and how it affected the career of a personal secretary. The computer and advance software together have rendered the job irrelevant and inefficiency. However, out of the ashes, new jobs are created, and new skills are learnt. A recent report demonstrates that technology is set to create far more jobs then it will destroy.

So, don’t be afraid, let’s embrace new technology and focus on learning how it works and how to utilise for a more productive workplace.

AI taking care of our health

Let’s take a closer look at AI and humans working together in potential sing-along harmony. As some industries mourn the introduction of AI, others are welcoming it with open arms, and that includes healthcare. Presently, AI seems like a cure-all to the things plaguing both public and private hospitals. Introducing AI infrastructure and implement systems motivated by data, assists in practically every problem facing modern hospitals, from data entry to general population health to imaging. The experts say, the key to managing these extensive changes is research, training and infrastructure. Looking at the small things before getting overwhelmed.

Heal the sick

Researching and implementing new technology also opens up avenues to new cures, new treatments and better quality healthcare. Not only does new technology help advance the current treatment, but paves the way for new research, research that was never considered possible. When you think past the poop emojis, trolls and Snapchats, technology is always working to help us create a better world, not just for humans, but for the environment as well.

Technology to save the world

When we look up from our phones we notice the weather around us. The scorching summers, the colder winters, the cyclones, bushfires make a case for phasing out the use of coal and oil and moving towards cleaner energy sources. When it comes to environmentalism, the applications for technology is almost infinite. But here are just some of the ways technology taking over the world is a good thing for the environment:

Discovering Renewable Energy

Eco-friendly tech has made headway in replacing coal as the primary source for creating energy. Advancing technology and research continue to open the door to renewable energy sources like solar, wind and hydroelectric power being economically viable up against coal.

Paperless business

Businesses and individuals going digital has dramatically reduced paper usage over the past few years. Instead of relying on paper, companies now communicate through the miracle of email, newsletters and instant messaging. Files are stored in that magically wonderful land they call the cloud. So, the need for physical records is dwindling.

Tidy up the ocean

Currently, our beautiful ocean holds a collection of plastic that is three times the size of France. So, a project from San Fransico is focusing on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. If we were to use conventional methods, the patch would take thousands of years to complete, costing billions of dollars. The Ocean Clean Up is fueled by automation, natural resources and scalability and flexibility. Using powerful sensors and data collection, the project is working towards its 5-year goal to clean up the Great Pacific.

Electric Cars for Cleaner Air

Producing electric cars is a priority for a number of governments around the world. However, to reach viable and cost-effective electric power we need lots of advanced tech, and for some, that tech is already taking over the world of petrol cars. The Electric Vehicles Initiative (EVI) is a multi-nation policy forum to help implement electric cars across the globe. If we work together to reach new heights and share technology we come closer to cleaner air and reducing the damning damage of fossil fuels.

As technology is weaved into every facet of our lives, we can begin to see how smart tech can help save our planet. Not only to combat climate change but to cure diseases and also improve mental health.

Apps to Fight Depression

‘There’s an app for that” has slowly become our favourite slogan from anything to organising our busy lives to managing money or even treating depression and anxiety. Certain apps can help with a myriad of mental health issues, including PTSD, addiction, eating disorders and depression. Different apps focus on different skills like improving memory, thinking skills and coping with stress.

Apps targeted to help treat mental health issues are generally inexpensive, convenient and just peaceful. A personal favourite in the office is the My Oasis app. It’s aimed at treating anxiety and depression with calming music, serene animation and cute animals. What more do you need on your commute home after a stress-filled day?

Tech has taken over the world and it’s a good thing

There is more to technology than just crushing candies or snapping friends. Technology will be the foundation for many significant achievements to come.

So, yes, technology has taken over the world. But whilst they may be things to watch out for, the positives open up infinite possibilities for the future of humanity. We’re continuing the dramatic tone because at Jacaranda Finance we love tech. In fact, we use technology every day to assess your application quickly and transfer the cash you need. We know that when you need money, it’s quick. So, we utilise the latest in secure banking technology to provide outcomes in 60 minutes!* To apply, just scroll up to see how much your loan could be.

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