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How Much Does Doggy Day Care Cost?

Charlotte Monteath

Charlotte Monteath

August 10, 20215 minute read
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Dogs have been great companions for owners in lockdown, giving them friendship, support, and a reason to head outside for long rejuvenating walks. However, a whole generation of pups have become used to constant attention and may experience anxiety once owners return to everyday life.

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    Whether you’re heading back into the office or reviving your social life, you should consider how your furry friend will be looked after once you leave the house. According to Pet Safe, dogs shouldn’t be left alone for more than four hours. So, if you cannot be around to give them constant belly rubs, then doggy daycare might be a good option.


    Did you know?

    According to the RSPCA, Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, with 61% of homes including a pet.

    What is doggy daycare?

    Handing over the leash to a slick modern facility may seem daunting at first, but a doggy daycare works a lot like a daycare for children. You drop the dogs off on your way to work, trusting they will get plenty of attention, and pick them up later in the afternoon.

    A doggy daycare normally consists of activities delivered by the daycare facility based on your pet’s specific needs. This may include a day to roam and exert energy with other dogs, or snuggling up on a nice bed with plenty of attention from staff.

    Your pup will also have the opportunity to stretch its legs and have potty breaks outdoors. This is a helpful service if you plan on being absent for the majority of the day as it allows the dog to roam freely and socialise with others.

    You can also send your pet on a puppy vacation with some daycares offering kennel and overnight facilities.

    What are the benefits of doggy day care?

    Many owners are willing to shell out the big bucks for doggy daycare and it’s easy to see why. Dogs thrive on stimulated activity throughout the day to ensure they are happy and healthy.

    Here are some of the benefits of sending your pooch to a doggy daycare:

    Stimulated activity

    Ensuring your dog’s needs are met usually involves taking them for a walk to the dog park. When you pay for a facility, you know your dog is going to have access to more dogs, toys, and play equipment. If they are stuck at home with no one around to drain their energy levels, they are likely to cause mischief that can result in angry neighbours and damaged couches. In the end, doggy daycare may be cheaper than the cost of a new carpet.

    Individual attention

    Dogs often get bored, anxious, and even depressed when they are left at home alone all day. For many owners who use the service, it’s about giving their dogs some much-needed attention.

    As life gains momentum again, more and more dogs are experiencing separation anxiety from their owners. This can lead to inappropriate and destructive behaviour around the house, including barking, howling, and running away. Daycares allow the dogs to get used to being away from their owner in a different and positive setting.


    Dogs need naps, too! Doggie daycares offer a comfortable place for your pet to rest, usually in kennels or other secluded areas. Dogs should be given a cooldown to take a break and possibly nibble on some snacks. Just like humans, dogs can get cranky when they’re tired, which may lead to aggression.

    How many days a week is ideal?

    At the moment, Australian owners are enduring a transitional phase of the pandemic, with many of us in the office one day and staying home the next. However, this may work out best for our pups since daycare facilities recommend using the service about two to three times a week. A daycare can sometimes be a societal shock for dogs, leaving them overtired and overwhelmed. So, it’s best to give them rest and split the sessions into small doses.

    Research done by MoneySaverHQ found that on average, owners are sending their dogs to daycare two days a week, costing over $5,000 a year.

    How much does doggy day care cost?

    Doggy daycare costs will vary depending on which center you settle on, the region you are in, the type of dog you have, and the kind of facility you go to.

    You may wish to pay less for the service by selecting a private home rather than a full-staffed facility. However, commercial daycare centers offer a lot more social benefits for dogs including toys, agility equipment, and trained staff.

    Research by MoneySaverHQ, found that pet owners pay an average:

    • $55 per day in Sydney
    • $53 per day in Brisbane
    • $54 per day in Melbourne
    • $45 per day in Adelaide
    • $50 per day in Hobart

    In fact, doggy daycare fees can soar as high as $90 and as low as $15 per day. If an owner forgets to pack their pup a lunchbox or needs a carpool service, they can expect to pay another $20.

    What are the alternatives?

    If doggy daycare doesn’t suit your budget, try some alternatives including:

    In-home doggie daycare

    A private daycare is often less expensive than commercial facilities and they are usually run by one or two licensed staff members. An in-home or private daycare is typically restricted to fewer dogs, which may make it a good option if your pup is easily overwhelmed by other dogs and anxious about new spaces. The in-home option offers a safe home environment with more human interaction.


    Try making your own equipment and play structures to save you money. Check out our guide on how to save on pet expenses for ideas!

    Find a friend

    See if other dog owners might be interested in doing pet swaps to cover holidays, nights out, or weekend escapes. Other owners will likely be interested in saving daycare expenses by rotating a pet sitting club. Because, what else are friends for?

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    Charlotte Monteath
    Charlotte Monteath

    Written by Charlotte Monteath

    Charlotte Monteath is a Content Intern at Jacaranda Finance. She has a Bachelor of Business Management & Journalism from the University of Queensland.

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