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Positive credit reporting and how it will benefit your credit score

Towards the end of last year, the Australian Government announced that, come July 1, 2018, it will be introducing mandated comprehensive credit reporting (CCR) for all financial institutions throughout Australia. What is comprehensive credit reporting, you ask? Well, basically it is a new positive credit reporting system that will make it easier for financial lenders […]


Gmail tips and tricks that everyone needs to know now!

Gmail is taking over the internet. It’s no longer just a tool to send and receive emails. Now you can customise it, log into different websites and even pay through your Gmail account! It can be quite confusing if you’re not really sure what you’re doing! We understand. That’s why we’ve put together a handy […]


How to stay cool in hot weather this summer

Wondering how to stay cool in hot weather? The Aussie summer can get really hot! Victoria once recorded an astounding record high of 48.8°C! That’s hot enough to cook an egg on the sidewalk, although we don’t recommend trying this. Even though the average temperatures hover around 32°C, the humidity can disrupt sleep, make you […]


The most expensive places to live in Australia

When choosing where to live, the cost of living is an incredibly important factor. Cities are often the most expensive places to live especially since this is where the best jobs are found. In fact, five Australian cities have made the top 30-list of most expensive cities to live in the world. Nevertheless, the cost […]


What To Look Out For in a Loan Contract

We understand that applying for a loan can be quite a daunting thing. Especially if it’s not something you have done before. Loans are really only something that you apply for in a time of need. This means that you’re already feeling the stress going into the process. Therefore, the idea of adding even more […]


How To: Retrieve a Centrelink Income and Asset Statement

If you weren’t able to log into your MyGov or Centrelink account during the application process, we may ask you to quickly grab a copy of your Centrelink Income Statement. Here’s how to do it: If you have a Centrelink account, go ahead and log in. If you’ve linked yours with MyGov, you can get […]


Centrelink family tax benefits and everything Centrelink has to offer.

While Christmas is the most wonderful time of year, it can also be the most expensive time of year. School holidays, Christmas presents, Christmas lunch, travel expenses and all the other costs that the festive season brings us can make for some stressful times. Christmas is quite a common time for people to apply for […]