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Jacaranda Finance maintains reasonable measures to protect the security and confidentiality of your personal information from misuse, interference and loss, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. We have constructed our systems and processes to protect your information from square one.

Top-notch verification technology

We verify your income through the use of a program called BankStatement. What does BankStatement do? They speed up and streamline loan applications. This means less paperwork, less fuss and a quicker decision about a loan approval. They do this with our own technology that retrieves your bank statement data and sends it directly to us. This allows us to form a fully secure connection with your bank and saves you the hassle of providing tiresome paperwork. No one at Jacaranda Finance or BankStatement is able to view your internet banking password details and this information is NOT stored anywhere. Visit the BankStatement website and view their Privacy Policy.

Bank-level security

We follow the same security and encryption standards as the banks. We use 256-bit secure socket layer (SSL) technology to safeguard you and your financial data.


Our website is secured by the Comodo SSL Certificate.

Vital website protection

Our website is secured and scanned daily, ensuring protection from identity theft, credit card fraud, spam, and malicious software. All data is encrypted between your system and ours, to ensure that all your data and information is fully protected.



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Reviews current as of June, 2021.

Our low rates

Our low rates

๐Ÿ’ฐ Personal Loans starting from 8.69% (12.05% p.a. Comparison Rate)

๐Ÿš— Car Loans starting from 5.29% (5.84% p.a. Comparison Rate).

We never charge early repayment or exit fees.

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