Jacaranda Finance Pty Ltd
ABN: 53 162 078 195
Australian Credit License (ACL) Number: 456404

Payment Terms and Conditions

By using any of the available payment service providers, I acknowledge and accept the following general terms and conditions:

  • I understand that I will be providing my information to a third-party service provider.
  • I will be required to read and agree to their User Terms & Conditions and related documents before use.
  • I will only use cards or accounts that are in my own name to make payments.
  • I understand that, when I am making a card payment, I will only be using a debit card, as credit card and charge card payments will be blocked for loan repayments.
  • I will not be on-charged service fees by the lender for the use of these services.
  • I understand that I am using these services at my own risk.


By using any of the available payment service providers, I acknowledge and accept the following terms and conditions relating to refunds:

  • Refunds on credit accounts could be viewed as “redraws”, which there are legal restrictions on. As such the lender, which is not a retail business, will not generally make refunds available should I change my mind about making a payment or not be approved for a new loan.
  • I will be refunded by the lender where an account has been overpaid and has exceeded the legally chargeable amount.
  • I may request a refund where payment was made without my consent, knowing this may require investigation by the lender before a refund is processed.
  • Refunds will be accepted where a payment was made in error.
  • Refunds may only occur once payments on the account have cleared, which in some cases can take up to 3 business days.
  • The lender may grant refunds in other circumstances at their discretion.

I declare that I have read, understood, acknowledge and accept to all the terms and conditions set out in this document.

Phone: 1300 189 823
E-Mail: info@www.jacarandafinance.com.au
Address: Suite 1, 349 Coronation Drive, Milton, 4064
Postal Address: PO Box 370, Indooroopilly QLD 4068

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Last updated: 03/05/2022

Super easy and fast system, applying was seamless and money was instant!

Shaan Johari – GOOGLE REVIEW

Jacaranda is always helpful, wonderful customer service every time. Contact is easy and quick.

naomie falconer – GOOGLE REVIEW

Brilliant service and quick action during application process the best there can be when it comes to quick loans.


It is easy to apply online, fast, reliable and they will try to help you as much as they can. I can recommend it to my friends and relatives. Thank you very much.

Dianita Miguel – GOOGLE REVIEW

Excellent service once again from Jacaranda. Great improvements to the application process, very easy & efficient.

Jim Mccullough – GOOGLE REVIEW

Excellent 5 STAR customer service and always available with a quick response. Very happy with advice and the fantastic service provided. Quick, hassle free and easy. Thank you.

Brendan Lau88 – GOOGLE REVIEW

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