Hardship Policy

At Jacaranda we understand that unforeseen circumstances can impact our customers' ability to meet their financial obligations. Our commitment is to assist customers experiencing genuine financial hardship by providing support and understanding during challenging times.

This hardship policy outlines the measures and assistance accessible to eligible customers.

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Complete Hardship Documentation

Customers seeking hardship assistance are encouraged to contact our dedicated hardship support team via our Fastmoney app, the online portal, by phoning 1300 189 823 or email to: help@jacarandafinance.com.au to request a hardship assistance form.


Upon receiving a hardship application, we will promptly assess the situation and work collaboratively to find the most suitable solution. Our customer service team may in some situations need to reach out to request further supporting documentation after your application has been received.


Jacaranda ensures that all applications are reviewed and assessed relative to the timelines set forth by the NCCP Act concerning responses to Hardship claims:

  • Respond within 21 days upon receipt of the Hardship notice if sufficient information is available to determine contract modifications.
  • Reply within 28 days from the requested information date in cases where additional information was sought but not received.
  • Provide a response within 21 days from the information receipt date in instances where further information was requested but not yet provided