Estimate your repayments in one simple step

Interested in taking out a personal loan, car repair loan, or debt consolidation loan? You may be struggling to figure out how much it will cost you long-term. To make things easier, we’ve created online loan calculators which provide you with an estimate of your total repayable amount, as well as regular repayment estimates.

Important note: Our loan calculators provide estimates only and are calculated based on the information you provide us. As such, the repayment amounts cannot be relied on as actual figures. Actual repayment amounts may vary depending on your individual circumstances, borrowing power, and lending criteria.

Personal loan calculator

Jacaranda Finance’s personal loan repayment calculator is your best friend when it comes to figuring out your loan repayments. By using the slider tool, you can select your desired loan amount, how long you plan on repaying it for, and at what interest rate you wish to borrow at. Our handy calculator will give you an estimate of your total repayable amount, as well as repayment estimates on a weekly, fortnightly, and monthly basis.

Debt consolidation calculator

Debt consolidation can be a helpful way to reduce multiple debts into one single repayment plan. Our debt consolidation calculator can break down how much your expected repayments will be, based on combining your multiple debts.

To use our calculator, we’ll require you to answer a few questions. We’ll need to know how much you currently owe, and what your regular repayments are. Once we know this, you’re able to choose a duration and interest rate for your repayments, and we’ll estimate your total repayment amount.

If you’re looking for a loan between $2,500 and $15,000, Jacaranda Finance will have an option for you. We offer flexible repayment periods and interest charges. Apply online today to take the first step towards financial freedom.