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Jacaranda Finance is an award-winning lender that is ready to give every Aussie a fair go at finding the loan they need. We’re here for the small hurdles and the big moments. And we don’t make big claims without backing them up, so take a look at the Jacaranda Finance award cabinet.

Professional Services Young Entrepreneur Brisbane 2019

This year, our CEO and Founder Daniel Wessels won Professional Services Young Entrepreneur for the second year in a row. It’s a game-defining milestone and a true testament to the BIG impact Daniel Wessels has in his hometown.

Champion of Financial Services 2019

Jacaranda Finance was named Champion of Financial Services at the Australian Small Business Champion Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony on Saturday the 6th of April. Held at Sydney’s The Star Casino, with over 1,100 guests in attendance, Jacaranda was publically recognised as a champion small business, and an up and coming financial services provider. With over 2,000 outstanding applicants all round, an award like this is no easy feat. ‘We definitely did not expect to win!’ says Daniel Wessels, CEO of Jacaranda Finance. “The competition was fierce and all of the applicants should be extremely proud to have been nominated,” he continued. ‘With over 4,000 applications a day, it is safe to say that Jacaranda Finance is well on its way to becoming a leading lender in the Australian financial services sector.’

Professional Services Young Entrepreneur Brisbane 2018

Jacaranda Finance’s CEO Daniel Wessels won Young Entrepreneur Brisbane for Professional Services in 2018. It was a great honour to win on our home ground and up against some fierce competition.

Finance Young Entrepreneur Australia 2018

2018 was a BIG year, to say the least. CEO Daniel Wessels was again recognised for Jacaranda Finance’s award-winning work by picking the Finance Young Entrepreneur Australia award.

Who is Jacaranda Finance

Jacaranda Finance is a local, trusted lender that is ready to give every Aussie, whether they receive Centrelink, have bad credit or self-employed, a fair go at finding the finance they need. Our team works hard to give the best possible offer to every single client. Whether you’re looking for a debt consolidation loan, holiday loan, small loan, or bad credit loan – we can help.