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The Six Best Budgeting Apps You Should Download!

October 26, 2016 3 minute read
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The Six Best Budgeting Apps You Should Download!

Managing your personal finances can get stressful. To get the phone in your pocket to start paying itself off, here are six of the best apps for managing your budget and meeting your saving goals.


Cost: Free

This Australian-made app has a pretty long list of fans (over 200,000 Australians use it).

Key features which make this app so useful is the ability to sync multiple banks, including all the major banks -Commonwealth, Westpac, ANZ, NAB, St George, Bankwest and others. Meaning your money feeds are merged, showing you a net balance of all your funds. You can also choose which accounts are synced, so if you have a particular savings account you want left out, you can get car loans!

It’s the little things that count with this app. Features such as the “safety spend” are what make this app so great. You can set up an amount of money that you can safely spend on a weekly ad daily basis. As you spend money the counter goes down, showing the remaining at the top of your screen – this way you always know exactly how much more you are allowed to spend and can budget the coming days accordingly.

best budgeting apps

best budgeting apps


Cost: Free

This neat budgeting tool, is easy to use with a thoughtful design. The Wally app has the useful ‘smart scan’ feature, which allows you to scans receipts in order to upload data onto the app. Alternatively you can manually add expenditures, putting each purchase into categories including personal, family, home, ect. Get quick loans today from Jacaranda Finance.

Clearly, this app is slightly more basic and requires a bit more attention as you need to enter each spend yourself as it doesn’t sync with your bank accounts automatically. Although it is a very good option if you don’t want to connect your bank accounts to the app.


Cost: Free

Goodbudget, or formally known as Easy Envelope Budget Aid, is a money management app that uses the good old-fashioned envelope budgeting system. This simple technique allows you to assign a particular amount of money to particular causes, for example $300 to groceries or $140 to transport. If you are on Centrelink income, get a loan for Centerlink from Jacaranda Finance.

A particularly good feature of this app is its ability to be shared with those you share finances with. It is ideal for couples that want to be able to stay on the same page. Just download the app to both phones and you both have your budget with you.

The free version allows you to create 10 envelopes and share across 2 devices, but you’ll have to pay if you want more envelopes and share across additional devices.

Cost: Free

This app, similarly to Pocketbook brings together your bank accounts, categorizes your transactions, tracks your bills and also allows you to set saving goals and set budgets.

A particularly useful feature is the online loans notifications, which can be set to reminds you of pending bills that need to be paid at a specific date or are overdue.


Cost: Free

Dollarbird is a really simple, yet effective idea. It was designed to track incomes and expenses – past, present and future – it lets you easily track your cash flow up to five years in the future.

This app is particularly useful if you don’t love the idea of entering you bank account details onto an app, like you have to with most other apps. The app works on an open system. You can set up a four-digit passcode, but this is optional. This lack of security makes sense when you realize that you won’t be downloading transactions from other bank accounts, like other apps allow. You don’t even tell Dollarbird your name.


Cost: $7.99

Pennies focuses on simplicity when it comes to keeping up to date with how much you have to the health of your spending. This app is particularly made for a younger crowd with simple, recurring bills.

The main function of the app is about making a budget, and sticking to it by just inputting what you spent. It has a daily breakdown, which allows you to see how much you have to spend, this week, or month.

Pennies uses colour coding to indicate when you need to slow down, or if you’re fine with spending. When you spend minimally over the day, a pleasing green colour is used. A big purchase and it could push you straight into the red.

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