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Debt Consolidation Loans Up To $10,000

Debt Consolidation Loans Up To $10,000
Personal Loans up to $10,000

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How can debt consolidation help you?

Debt Consolidation Loans: It’s a familiar story – you open an account here, another one there and swipe your credit card a little too often. You get discounts when you open more store accounts – you’re saving money, right? Before you know it you’re drowning in a sea of accounts and multiple repayment dates.

Add that to the money you already owe on your car, your house or other personal loans, and you can find yourself getting lost in debt and loan repayments. Breathe a little easier with a debt consolidation loan that can help you bundle it all into one single repayment.

If you feel like you’re juggling debt, you’re not alone. Australian personal debt comprises mortgages, investment debt, personal loans, student debt and credit card debt, adding up to around $2 trillion.

If you’re looking for a lender to provide quick loans online for debt consolidation then Jacaranda Finance could be the lender for you. We can give you a fair go even if your credit score is less than perfect!

Where can I get debt consolidation loan rates?

Jacaranda Finance can offer personal loans for debt consolidation. You can use the loan calculator at the top of this article to find out what your loan could cost. Alternatively, apply now and let our team assess your circumstances before sending you a loan offer.

You can consolidate all your debts into one bundle, offering you one single easy repayment. Then, you can focus on making one repayment at a reasonable rate, over a term that’s manageable for you. Of course, everyone’s financial situations are different. If you have any questions about consolidation, our Jacaranda team is always on hand to chat. To find out if this type of loan is an option for you, apply now.

How does debt consolidation work?

Learning how to consolidate debt won’t take you long, especially with the right lender on hand (that’s us!). With Jacaranda Finance, consolidating your debt into one easy repayment is simple.

Instead of paying off various loans, debts and bills at different interest rates, you add up all outstanding amounts and borrow money to consolidate the loans into one repayment. This means you would be repaying one lender at a fixed interest rate.

If you have trouble meeting your scheduled repayments, please call our team before your next repayment and they will do their best to adjust your present plan.

What is debt consolidation?

A debt consolidation loan allows a consumer to combine all debts into one repayment, rather than having multiple repayments at different times of the month, all at different interest rates.

At Jacaranda Finance we provide personal loans up to $10,000 to consolidate multiple debts into a single payment. You can take out a large secured loan that allows you to repay all outstanding debts. Then, you would repay one loan with a single set of fees.

By consolidating loans, you’re cutting out extra stress, as well as the risk of missing multiple repayments. Sounds a bit easier, right? Apply today to consolidate your debt.

3 Ways debt consolidation loans can work to your advantage

As you may know, debt consolidation is the process of combining several debts into one payment. This type of loan can be significantly beneficial for people who are struggling to keep track of all their repayments and are unable to properly manage their debt. While debt consolidation loans aren’t necessarily beneficial for all circumstances, it’s helpful to consider whether they’re right for you. Here are 3 ways you might find that debt consolidation loans work to your advantage:

  1. Ease your repayments. Are you someone with multiple credit cards or loans? Then you might be familiar with how easy it might be to miss payments and keep track of all the different repayment schedules. The more debt you take on, the more difficult it gets to track all repayment obligations and align your income with repayment dates. This advantage can help any borrower avoid missed repayments and having to face default fees.
  2. Decrease costs of maintaining debt. You might find that there will be certain situations where you’ll be able to pay a lower interest rate or fees by consolidating loans into one unsecured loan. This is possibly one of the biggest advantages of debt consolidation loans. Rather than having several loans with staggered repayment dates, consider bundling them all up in one and repaying them all at once. This can also aid with putting a clear end date on your debt term.
  3. Have a clear date of the end of your debt. As mentioned above, another significant benefit of debt consolidation loans is being able to have an end date on your loan. This can help you work towards paying off your debt in a single loan. Having all your debt and repayment dates simplified into one payment can help you understand clearly what you owe and how long it’ll take you to pay it all off.

How does a secured personal loan work?

A secured personal loan requires you to attach an asset as security for the loan. If you are unable to repay the loan, your lender would have the right to repossess the asset. At Jacaranda Finance, we can accept a car, motorbike, boat or caravan as security.

If you need to borrow more than $2,000, you can apply for a secured personal loan online in minutes. After you submit your application, our team will do their best to deliver a smart decision within the hour. Before you submit your application, make sure you attach the correct information for your security so we don’t require any further documents. You’ll need to send us a registration document showing you as the owner of your car, boat, caravan or motorbike. If you have that ready, you can go ahead and apply right now! If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Is debt consolidation bad for your credit score?

A poor credit score is typically the result of unpaid loans, or frequently missed repayments. A consolidation loan may prevent your credit score from further damage by creating more manageable repayments inline with your financial situation. If you have considerable debt and you fail to make regular repayments it can damage your credit score.

Managing multiple debts can mean you are more likely to miss payments. Therefore, converting multiple repayments into a single repayment could prevent further damage to your credit score.

If you consolidate loans and apply for unsecured loans, it can be easier to repay your creditors. While you won’t be able to remove the defaults already on your credit file, you may be able to shield your credit from further damage. Paying off your various debts and having less debt can also make your credit score stronger. Debt loans can also save you from hefty fees and allow you to pay off your debt in one shot.

What are debt consolidation loans Australia?

If you’re googling ‘debt consolidation Australia’, you’re in the right place. We have the info you need before you choose to consolidate your credit. By bundling multiple loan repayments into one single repayment, Aussies can handle debt easier. Jacaranda Finance is Australia’s award-winning lender that is committed to giving every Aussie a fair go on the loan they need. So, if you’re an everyday Aussie juggling debt you can apply with us anytime anywhere.

Where can I get a loan to consolidate my debt?

You can apply for a debt consolidation loan with Jacaranda Finance anytime, anywhere. We’re 100% online for your convenience. So, we’re always just a click or touch away! To get started, scroll up to the top of this page. Fill out the quick online application, and our team will do their best to deliver a smart outcome in 60 minutes (depending on when you apply). If approved, you could have your loan in 60-seconds*, thanks to instant banking.

What is a credit card consolidation loan?

A credit card consolidation loan is a consolidation loan specifically for credit card debt across multiple cards. If you have accumulated multiple plastic debts, you’ll know that repaying all the different companies on time can be chaotic. A credit card consolidation loan combines credit card debt into one simple repayment.

How do I find the best debt consolidation loans Australia has to offer?

Check out a few different lenders (like us!), or visit some comparison websites to find out who they recommend. Jacaranda Finance is an award-winning Australian lender that is committed to giving every Aussie a fair go on the loan they need, no matter your situation.

What type of personal loans does Jacaranda Finance provide?

With Jacaranda Finance, you can get loans up to $10,000.

The costs for each loan – debt consolidation loan or other – varies depending on the amount and your financial situation. Before you apply, take a look at the possible loan amounts and terms:

Type Loan Amount Loan Term
Small personal loan $300 to $2,000 12 months
Medium personal loan $2,100 to $5,000 13 to 24 months
Large personal loan $5,000 to $10,000 13 to 24 months

For an example of the possible costs of your loan, scroll up and use our debt consolidation loan calculator. You’ll be able to adjust the length of your loan term and frequency of payments to find repayment terms that could work for you.

Some loan types may have other payable fees and charges. If you do miss a repayment on your loan, there may be additional fees that apply. To find out more about fees and charges for loans, feel free to give our customer service team a call or send us an email here. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

Are there debt consolidation loans for bad credit?

If you’re after debt consolidation loans for bad credit, try Jacaranda Finance! Apply online and, if you have any questions, give us a ring on 1300 189 823. We cannot guarantee approval on an application before an assessment, however, we’re ready to give every Aussie a fair go. So, we encourage everyone to apply, as we look at more than just your credit history, we also assess your current relationship with money. If you’re worried about credit score, don’t be – apply with Jacaranda Finance for peace of mind.

What is instant banking?

Jacaranda Finance is now using instant banking across all applications! Instant banking is a new payment method that allows for instant payment transfers for most banks. Thanks to instant banking, if your loan is approved you could get your loan in 60-seconds*. Say goodbye to tiresome waiting times and receive your loan when you need it – instantly!

Ready to apply?

If you’re on the hunt for the consolidation loans Australia offers, or a person in need of consolidation loans with bad credit, look no further.

Head on over to our debt consolidation loan calculator and apply today.

As a result, we’ll let you know if you’re eligible in just 60 minutes or less. Give it a try! If you want to learn more about money management, enlist the help of the experts on the MoneySmart website.

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